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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Chuck, I am making some progress on the Walkabout, and have put some pictures on Flickr if you would like to see where your parts are going.

Rick Thompson

Hi Chuck, Would you consider posting a link for ?

It has a growing number of wooden boat photos and art that your readers might enjoy. Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

Bruce Little

Centex Messabout Photos

I love the magazine. I'm working on my first boat, a Stevenson Pocket Cruiser, and I welcome visits and encouragement at my blog. I have lots of stories and photos. Look closely; you might recognize the stainless steel screws. They're from Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply :)

Paul Boyer

Chuck, It was nice to meet with you last week-end. I stayed with my familly at Lake Bastrop on Sunday, but I could not sail my boat, too much wind again!

Here is a link to my Blog-

Yves Nerisson

There's some new stuff up on my site which may interest some of the boating nuts gathered here.  

Chris Ostlind

Here's a couple of videos of my efforts today on setting up the amas on the Chris Ostlind XCR, for epoxy filleting the chines to the correct angle for glassing inside and out. The top and bottom halves of the amas are joined at the joint shown in the video but because of the lovely curves of the ama and the high volume of the finished hull towards the front end, there's some reasonably tricky wood curvatures to contend with. This is my take on how to do it.

The finished result, ... at left. Something that shouldn't take too much effort to get into place. The final joint is made using a backing strip, epoxied to the bottom half and planed to the appropriate angle to accept the top half.

I'm also pleased, 'cos I'd forecasted 7.5hrs to do what I did in 5 (hrs) today. Yippee.


For the monthly links, a possibly interesting bit on early mariners.

Homo Erectus Crosses The Open Ocean

Henry Battistoni

Because you expressed some previous interest in the hands-free electric powered Stream Dancer project, we are excited and pleased to inform you that a patent ‘Notice of Allowance’ has been issued that covers Stream Dancer’s sliding or rocker foot controls, independent foot control of augers used as differential propulsion, sectional boat, and folding dual seat.

Classic Yacht Magazine

Carl and I had a great time Tuesday night talking to you all on the Glen-L Teleseminar, “How to Wire Your Boat and Install a Hydraulic Steering System”. I hope you all found the information useful. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, the replay is available online.

Gayle Brantuk

Bruce and I are doing our cruise in a little less than three weeks. I've added our blog's email to the spot "ok" msg list so there will be three updates a day with location/google map. Plus we'll put a link to our spot track on the page.

Steve Earley

... More FL 120 photos - these from Bill Moffitt...

... Ditto from Scott Widmier ...

... and Mike Johnson

... also Andy...

... and finally, Brian Hart.

Photos of Sweetie

An Auray Punt from Gavin Atkin

I have a photo essay about a technique I use for scaling up graphics to put onto your sail or hull. Really simple to do, no special tools needed.


I thought that maybe you might be interested in seeing some photos of a Gunter Rigged Sailboat.

Bill Nolen

I am an amateur boatbuilder and have been enjoying your site for a while. I built a Scarab 22 by Ray Kendrick.


14' Brockway Skiff - Free Plans

16' version - Free Plans

Both are in PDF format...

... Also Free Cedar Strip Canoe plans in PDF format:


I wrote up a little piece about our experience at Cedar Key this year. I wasn't in the best of health, but we still had a good time. I noticed a lot of folks pointing cameras at Slider-- I'm hoping some kind soul will offer me a picture or two that I can use on Slider's website. Anyway, a slightly strange experience, but I look forward to going again.
Ray Aldridge

WCTSS web page for Cedar Key

Bob and Jeri's photos from Cedar Key

Free 2D drafting software from Solid Edge.


Here is a good book on Lofting.

John Kohnen


Last week I was on the "Semaine du Golfe" and I've seen many pretty old gaffer boats. I made this video.

Guy Capra

Chris Partridge tests the Scullmatix and reports in his blog "Rowing for Pleasure" There is even a video.

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