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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

You really want to read Tom David's blog about building a Bolger Cabin Clam Skiff that he calls Grinder. He does some things with the interior to make this relatively tiny boat liveable.

There is a new "Small Boats" issue of Woodenboat magazine and this one features Steve Earley and his Welsford Pathfinder "Spartina".

This piece is mostly about how I came to offer plans for Slider, but toward the bottom of the article I mention a pretty good idea for extending the sailing beam. Renato sent me pictures of a model he built, and I think some will find them interesting.

Ray Aldridge

Navy vets and restorers will appreciate this video.



Here is a photo of my Tern design.  The boat has been sailing for a couple of years now and I’ve decided to offer the plans free for download from my website.

Tad Roberts Yacht Design
PO Box 33
Gabriola Island, BC
V0R 1X0   Canada


Thought you might find this of interest. Not exactly back-yard boat building or messing, but an intriguing proposition. I think the writer is correct about the amount of decision making required to sail competently. But still, one could imagine an enhanced autopilot based on this concept...

...Also of interest are a few small electronic instruments which may be useful for small boat sailors: The velocitek speedpuck ...a

... and the Garmin Foretrex 201. While marketed at racing dinghies and sportboats, they have some intriguing features. The ability of the speedpuck to clue beginning sailors into headers and lifts is a pretty useful feature, I think.

Matthew A. Meacham


Since someone out there may need to do some wood steaming, I enclose a link for a quick, cheap, efficient wood stove to boil water.

Bob Patterson

I am currently building the Egret design from Sam Devlin... heres a link to some photos of the build.


I have been following the Vendee Globe. The leaders are now in the South Ocean. I pray for these brave sailors every night. This is a very dangerous undertaking...

... There is a cool interactive map that shows the boats positions in real time.

Murray Stevens

Here is a CNN news story about one of the Vendee racers who was injured rescued south of Perth, Australia. Exciting stuff!

Holy Cow!!

"After 10 Months at Sea, Rower Rescued 65 Miles Short of Goal."

Michael Connelly


I just sent you my info and a boat picture for the Who's Coming list for the 2009 Texas200. I noticed that some folks had website links on the list, too, so I'm including a link to my site for my Pirate Racer. Thanks,



This looks like a place to get some cheap boats.

Bruce Armstrong

2008 Lake Stryker Christmas boat parade - the movie.

Bill Tosh

A bufflehead drake at hullspeed. Quite a duck!

Hugh Horton


There is now a website for the Florida 120. For those who might have not heard of the Florida 120, it is a four day 120 mile round-trip sailing challenge on the Florida Panhandle.  It takes place from May 14th to 17th with sailing legs of up to 38 miles in shetlered waters...

... We will be beach camping on the soft sugar-white sands and cruising on the clear turquois waters.  For a google earth overview of the route click HERE.

One other note for all interested, please check into the forum and sign up your intent to go. 

Scott Widmier

Thought You Guys Might Really Like This...

... and this!


If there's anything a bunch of boaters (and boat builders) can do, its tell a story... if you are so inclined, Mad Mariner is running an essay contest with prizes... might be worth a shot.

Bruce Dillahunty

Hi Chuck - perhaps this note from the boat school might interest some of your readers. Sincerely, Pete Leenhouts

Boat Design course offered by the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding.

Charlie Whipple is keeping a blog and thinking about renewing his around the world quest. Irrepressible?

This page from my blog shows how I turned my tapered spars.

Jim Shaw

Hey Chuck,
Do you know anything about The Boat Builders Journal? My wife gave me a subscription in Oct and we have not heard from them since. The only info I have on them is this website. They originally sent info through the mail. They appeared to be real.

In October, Phil Bolger generously agreed to a recorded interview to be aired on Noel & Christy Davis' site. They just posted part 1 of the Bolger interview and part 2 should go up in a week or two. They are interviews 146 and 147.  

Gary Blankenship

I have decided to offer my POD design FREE to those that wish to download it.  This will accomplish two things; get the plans in the hands of kids so they can at least learn how to make a small boat; and it will also help promote the assembly method (tape & glue), which is easy and functional in boat this size.

Ken Simpson

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