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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

This would make a big outboard.

Rob Thomas

Hey Chuck:

The Manned Model Ships Forum is back in business

T J Lilliman


I have decided to make plans for POD free to those who wish to download it. This will accomplish two things; get the plans in the hands of kids so they can at least learn how to make a small boat; and it will also help promote the assembly method (tape & glue), which is easy and functional in boat this size.

Ken Simpson

Here is an article about making Tyvek sails...

... and here is where you can get Tyvek.


Here is Photo album covering the construction of Brad Davis' stripper kayak.

This PDF file has a fairly comprehensive study or radar reflectors - it's worth a read....

... and here is an article about Aluminum foil as an emergency radar reflector.

I've finally had a little time to work on my Summer Breeze build I started last Xmas... is this a record for the slowest 'simple'
build? :-) Here is a link to the photo album.

Jerry Cashman


don't mean to bother you but have you seen this site?

T.J. Lilliman

Very Cool Pictures...
Including one of the weird sailing ship we saw in San Francisco...

Bruce Armstrong


I have moved my Escargo website...


... I am trying my hand at a version of a microcruiser that is suited to a guy who has already built a boat or two.  Here is a video of a microcruiser based on a Bolger Brick....

... and a video of my Mark One version of my own DockBox/Microcruiser. Mine would cost twice as much to build and take three times longer, but both time and money required would still be rather small.

Bryan Lowe

Hi and greetings from Finland!

Lakes have ice cover for few months from now on so it is time to build a boat. It will be a PDRacer. I created a website where I will document the boat building project from the building decicion to a maiden voyage that take place in next summer.


Chuck, your readers might be interested to know that Robb White's "The Lion's Paw"  has been re-released in a hardback version with the original art on the sleeve. As a practicing 50+ year old kid (or as we call them, duck-builders), I can highly recommend it to all other kids, of any age.

Stacy Smith

They've been a long time coming and the 16' Great Pelican kits are finally here. Take a look at our newly expanded website You'll find GP kits and complete boats, an easy way to buy Pelican plans, a new online store, classified ads for used Pelicans, a generally easier to navigate site and more.


A Boating Biography
Celebrating the SeaHawk!

YouTube link- 1999 Meade Gougeon on a Jim Brown Sailing Canoe

Glenn Kirkland

Chuck, these launching tips could maybe interest some of your readers:

Guy Capra

New Issue of Marlin World...

Hello Chuck,
I am writing in regards to your links page on your duckworks webpage.  I am starting up a new business called Boat Building Vacation.  It is a 9 day boat building experience at a lake side cottage in Maine...

... It is an opportunity for participants to build a wooden kayak, rowing shell, dory or other preferred small wooden boat model in a relaxed 9 day camp experience on a peaceful lake in central Maine.

Nilaya Palmer

i550 blog from Christopher Beckwith

Hand-crafted boat for sale... This is worth a click just for the pictures.

Hi Chuck,

United Marine Underwriters, a leading boat insurance provider, has put together a comprehensive, informative boat insurance guide.

Sean Cannon


This is a link to a friends site who is located in NJ. I have emailed him the link to your website also. Hopefully Jay will get in touch with you about submitting an article or two.


Please visit this web page and, if possible, provide more information and/or photos.

Thanks, Grant MacLaren

Murray Isles is back online - see his new weblog.

Gavin Atkin

The Baywood Navy Website has been updated. The tide charts for February and March are included along with some news from our vast network of field reporters.

Bill, Scrib
The Baywood Navy

Err... I'd guess people who bravely sail big distances in tiny boats, and those who do it when young! I'm thinking of this young fella, for example.

Gavin Atkin

Ever see this? I sure haven't. I wrote to ask if/where it's for sale in the US.


Hi All,

I came across another great diary entry, written by Vincent Gilpin's mother, which reports cruising in the 1890's on Florida's east coast in a sharpie. Mrs. Gilpin's observations are strangely familiar in some ways (cold, rain, bad weather, near death experiences) and entirely unfamiliar in others (few people, no engines, Seminole Indians going about their lives, few government sponsored navigational aids, oh, and all those near death experiences!) . What else could an open boat cruising captain could ask for?

You have to admire these people for cruising under those conditions. Come to think of it, you have to admire the open boat cruising experienced by all the WCTSS trips. Much the same thing in the end, just easier to get supplies and get to the general destination.

Best Regards,


I found these guys with an interesting business model:

They sell you a fiberglass lower hull, and a kit to finish the deck off yourself. Woodstrip or plywood.



Just posted a video on how to tie the Death Grip Hitch to my red barn site.

Warren Messer

Hi Chuck,

I started a Blog about living on my boat. I hope to be moved aboard by the end of February. Here's the Blog, let everyone know!


I am intrested in bringing a boat to the texas 200 next year.

I also have a website of small boats



I spotted this article by Steven Ladd (Three Years in a Twelve-Foot Boat) on Larry Whited's Excellent Sea Pearl Website. It seems Steve and his main squeeze, Ginny Phelan, are planning some extensive cruising in the Carribean in a Sea Pearl - with some mods.

Hi you may like to check out the new video's of this years event, just search Mahurangi and you'll get there.
Cheers Geoff

There is a new Glen-L Webletter

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