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A while back I was thinking about how to make my web site more generally useful to the boating community and hit on the idea of reviewing places that are suitable for small boat base camps. I have a few examples now.

Ray Aldridge

Gary Blankenship got this video of Lumpy and Bumpy sailing into the finish line at Key Largo to win this year's Everglades Challenge.

This website is not boating related, but the implications for boat building are easy to see.

Erin Scott

Here's a link to the photos of yesterday's TSCA Petaluma River row. Lots of shots of the various boats at the dock.

David "Thorne" Luckhardt

The West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron, (Florida, that is) Cayo Costa Gathering - Here are a bunch of pictures.

Kim Apel

More video, more boats: The March/April 2009 issue of Classic Yacht is waiting for you.

Chuck -

Here's a link to Reuel Parker's blog, where he's building a 42' sharpie schooner. This is a little bigger than the average duckworks boat… but still worth looking at.

Peter Christian

Here's a website you might really enjoy. you can pull in the Texas coast and see what ships are going in and out.   I've had more fun with this site.   Military ships can turn the transponder on or off and they often do, but right now I'm watching an aircraft carrier about 40 miles off the entrance to Puget Sound. Have you seen this site before?
Paul Butler

I just read the article "A Practical Shortcut" about surplus navy boats. Then I read on the Projects page* "Write us about your project:"

Go to to get a peek at my project. Still in phase 1.

Bill Johansen

There is a new Glen-L Webletter

Here's a great place to go when waiting for the next Duckworks post:

Stacy Smith

A set of pictures from the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival from Michael Storer

I hope some folks here will find this latest blog piece interesting. It concerns the surprisingly rare pursuit of fish dinners under sail.

Ray Aldridge


Andrew posted about his not-quite-completed PDR on the PD Racer Yahoo
group in the last few days; his photos and comments are HERE.

Paul Haynie

Please see there is the new clasicc wooden ship in Suez workshop. She is a oldtimer from 17th century and the capitain was Czech and she was navigated in North America. Sorry, my English is from Central Europe.   

Ivo Novak

Sailing land speed record - Photo Album

Folding Schooner story

Gary Dierking

Bolger Bobcat Restoration Project photo album.

Historical photos of Shantyboat building


Brian Anderson found this YouTube video of Zamna - the big trimaran that we reported on HERE.


I am a kayaker in the Chicago area and member of a local canoeing club. I am launching a new (free) paddling classifieds, paddling business and water conservation directory website where paddlers can buy and sell equipement. I hope my website can be helpful for you.


Here is a video of a model boat that sails directly into the wind.


I know most of us in the small boat world are GPS users, but the forerunner, LORAN, is still there. Many oldtimers have the equipment for this and recent talk has been of discontinuing it. This article sheds some light on the matter.


I unveiled her at the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show last weekend (April 18-19) and she performed beautifully. The only changes I am making are cosmetic ones - and replacing my plastic oarlocks with bronze.

Andrew Linn

Hi Chuck

"Chine Blog" by Tim Shaw looks like an interesting and enthusiastic site.

Pete Leenhouts


I should not forward something without permission so take care.... but this makes me so proud... .from this guy... wow. Follow this LINK.


Interesting article in the NYT magazine Sunday. Captured Colombian semi-submarine for drug smuggling.

Brian Anderson

I uploaded some photos from the 2009 Duckworks messabout at Lake Bastrop TX


Big Lagoon Messabout, May 8-10 Trinidad CA.

David Luckhardt


I am making some progress on the Walkabout, and have put some pictures on Flickr if you would like to see where your parts are going:

Rick Thompson


I designed and built a folding motor trailer sailer catamaran and it's very different to anything else out there and I am making the plans available to amateur builders. If you can find the time you might have a look at it at

Terry Culley

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