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Skin Boat Part 2

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Hey Chuck,

Hotter'n-L today, also extremely humid. The storm passed to the south so I got the rest of the stringers on. Kinda disappointed at the weight...13.63 pounds.

Don't fret....Kaye went to town with one of our neighbor ladies so it was safe to sneak her scale out. Had to take another heart pill! ...well...some how, or some way it got a little damn glue on it! I wiped it clean! All clear! Mission accomplished! I"m probably going to use a very light material on deck and the heavier tougher stuff on the bottom and sides. Still have a lot of sanding, trimming and planing to do but not today.

Gotta wait for the glue to cure, so I'm grabbing the blue skinboat and taking off. I'll leave Kaye a note so she won't flip more storms might pop up this afternoon and ....she knows that! Hmmmmmm...I ain't never had the skinboat in a storm! I think it's a terrific time to go paddling! Might even have some waves to play in! Good thunderstorms only last 20 or 30 minutes so you've got to be ready and work fast!

Course, Kaye ain't never liked thunderstorms, and for sure... she shore as hell don't like me out in 'em in a boat of any kind! At least she don't crawl under the bed, the covers or something when a big clap of thunder almost breaks the windows like the dogs do,.....I dont think! But come to think of it she did disappear one time when she thought a tornado was on the way! Never did find out where she went! Mighta been under the bed with the Tarbaby, Savannah and Cuddles! I just looked out the window and the sky is black and coming from the west! Gotta go! Hope I git back afore she does!

Later Richard