Skin Boat update Part 3

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Hi Chuck,
Well, I got a little more done. Will probably finish the covering by tomorrow. Got some other things I need to get go to town! I hate that! Rain stopped for a little while now. Better git while the git'ns good! I'll send more pics when I get the decks done.

I'm also going to check the weight before I leave. Still fairly light! Hope she's under 20 pounds. The only advantage I see so far is that the synthetic is a tougher material than cotton canvas. I should have this thing done with the coating on by Sunday...all the help decided to take off someplace! Might get her wet Sunday if possible. Have to find out how long that stuff has to cure. I'm thinking that a good oil based polyurethane enamel would do just as well for coating the nylon, and be about 1/3rd the price, but I still had to try this. It's going to be a funky transparent yeller damn color, and I wanna find a paint that will adhere to this stuff. I already know I ain't gonna like the color. If she was a traditional boat and everything else was varnished, that would be different and she ain't so I'll have to paint her some color or another!But I'll be able to use her as soon as this shit is dry or cured.

Like I said before. The objective is a light boat I can easily handle, for fishing and to carry on the TD. BUT...I don't have any problems with the blue skinboat either way! Later Richard

Later Richard Frye