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Hi Chuck,
Just to show ya'll that I am doing something inbetwix cutting grass and other stuff. Now these pics is the bare bones of a 12 foot version of the M-Plans boat. Just wanted a smaller and lighter version. I took off wood where I didn't think it ought to be and drilled some big ass holes to take more wood out...where I thought I could get away with it.

The side photo show the "rocker" I cut in and the keel is made from a nice piece of pine 1x3 I got at Home Depot for 3 dollars and fifteen cents! The original plans use a straight 1x2 for the keel that makes turning a little more difficult. It ain't much but it does make a difference. What you are looking at weighs 7.5 pounds!

Reason I know this is 'cause I got caught using Kaye's special postal scale she uses to mail packages! When she saw me outside with this god awful thing on her very expensive and precious wasn't but a second or two later when I heard her yelling and directly at me, "Richard! Have you lost your mind? What is wrong with you?" I quietly replied, "Hell.......I don't know!"

Yep....I got in trouble again.....what else is new! Furthermore and long ago...she established the fact that I ...without a doubt... have a severe mental problem! Well I had to get an accurate weight. It was too big to put on the scales at our little post office or even get through the door since I would have had to make a 90 degree turn the first 3 feet! Our post office is an old house that's been "modified", and I couldn't get it behind the counter up at Burns' Exxon where they weigh out sandwich meats, bananas, cheese, grapes and other stuff at our only local store/gas station within 20 miles!

I'm going for lightweight with this boat. I ain't quite decided on what I'm going to cover it with, but what ever it is I want the boat 20 pounds or less. Regular cotton duck canvas will push the weight up more than I want so I'll probably go nylon or dacron. I'll try to have it done by the Canadian messabout but I doubt it since I got so much other shit to do! I do want to try to get the stringers on sometime soon..maybe this week.

Thought I was going to have a good meal tonight! I asked Kaye what she was a fix'n and she looked at me kinda droopy like with one eyebrow raised. I know that look! I got a turkey and gravy TV dinner I bought for times like these! I save my MRE's for real serious times! Guess she's still somewhat pissed at me for using her scale that she guards with her life for weighing a BOAT of all things! Hell...she's got packages that weigh more than the boat frame does! Guess it was the idea huh? I never will understand women!...and too damn old even consider it now!

She had some card playing buddies - neighborhood women folk...over the other night. I made some comment about something, probably having to do with dinner. She quickly pointed out the back door towards the Teardrop and said, "Go get in your box!" I've heard that phrase before! Seems like I remember her saying that to one of our cockapoos when they were bad and poopeed on the floor or something! Time to fire up the microwave and watch the X-Files! Have to check up on Mulder and know, to see what the FBI is really up to these days!

Later, Richard