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By Rene Vidmer - Allentown, Pennsylvania - USA

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Stage 10: Philadelphia, The Raritan River, NY Harbor, Montauk L. I., Watch Hill R. I., Hartford Ct., New York, Home. This trip is done.

The map below shows stage 10 in red, the previous year and a half in yellow. 8000 plus miles, 25 U. S. States and two Canadian Provinces, more than a hundred different bodies of water. I won't insist that it was all a cakewalk, but I do think it within the capabilities of a reasonably intelligent thirteen year old. It was never boring, often quite beautiful, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


I put into this basin on the Brooklyn side of NY Harbor, and dropped the hook. Although very deep, it looked like excellent protection from a particularly violent thunderstorm predicted to be passing through in a couple of hours. It was the end of the day and I had the basin all to myself, so I tucked myself in with a book to wait it out in the cabin. A short time later I was roused by a Police boat bullhorn. The Police boat accompanied by a Fire boat, a Coast Guard Cutter, and two (2) ambulances.

Apparently someone on shore had phoned 911 and reported a man overboard in the basin. My guess is someone saw me at anchor in the cockpit, and when they looked again, I was no longer there
(having gone inside). It is not readily apparent that the boat has a cabin. None of the responders seemed at all put out by the false alarm; it must have been a slow day.

Rene Vidmer

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