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 A Trip in Canada - Part Three

By Rene Vidmer - Allentown, Pennsylvania - USA

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Stage 6:Nashville TN - Pensacola FL

An interesting incident happened on the Tennessee River:

It was just another lovely day, when I happened to glance in the cabin and saw 1/4 inch of water covering the cabin sole. LEAK! Luckily I was in a not too wide section of the river, and beached her in minutes.

I thought this could only be a failure of a join at the waterline on my AF4 Breve, and potentially very difficult to find and even more difficult to fix. Plus it meant that I could no longer trust the integrity of the boat I'd built. These thoughts were well back in my mind as I had shifted into automatic mode and was busy hauling everything, including the furniture, out of the cabin and mopping up the standing water to try and locate the leak.

Nothing - once dry, it stayed dry. I waited. I hung out the linens to dry in the sun and waited some more. Still nothing. I climbed out of the boat and inspected it from the outside. There was a ragged hole in the hull about the size of a silver dollar about an inch above the waterline up in the bow where the battery compartment is. What partially submerged object I had struck and never felt, I don't know and never will, but I was elated; this was very good news indeed! If you're going to hole your boat, this is where you want it.

A little MarineTex to fill it, masking tape and a block of wood to fair the MarineTex, and I was on my merry way again: down to where the pelicans play, Spanish Moss drips from dead trees, snow-white egrets stand transfixed at the water's edge, and dolphins gambol in my miniscule wake.

Down the Cumberland, Tennessee, Tenn-Tom, Black Warrier, Alabama, and Mobile Rivers to the Gulf
Hole patched over.
Well, I was warned.
Wildlife on the Tennessee.
Big River, little boat.
What the heck is this?

The ubiquitous Herron.

[Does not enlarge]

On the hard in Bayou Chica...awhhh, look at that little thing.



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