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A blast from the past.


Please check out Tim's i550 Construction Guide, which continues in serial form at:

Please ask questions or contribute your knowledge.

Tim & Susan

A new blog: Building a new Greenland inspired SOF kayak.


This would be a nice way to put a name on a Puddle Duck Racer.

Get it here:

Mike John

The photos tell the story of a reclaimed boat and its relaunching - full story:


Three Sheets Northwest wrote a really good article about the Family Boat Build we'll be hosting at the Toledo Community Boathouse over Christmas Break this year. As someone who once considered becoming a writer, I have to hand it to Ms. Bach - she did a bang up job on the article.


I started a weekly Internet radio show (podcast) in September and have been featuring interviews with wooden boat aficionados such as Dick Wagner, Les Bolton, David Roberts and others. All content is free.

Dan Mattson
Wooden Boat Enthusiast

Well, they're rare anyway. Have you seen this? Welded sailboats.


Here is a new video from Richard Woods.


Free Ebooks.

All the Brothers Were Valiant, by Ben Ames Williams.

The Ebb-Tide, by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyde Osbourne.

Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas, by Lloyd Osbourne.

Mike John

For fans of extreme sailboat racing:

Click here


I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter


Here's a challenge - A Puddle Duck and the Everglades Challenge. Help Scott by donating to his effort - Click Here.


I just uploaded an album of photos (Joe's Chuckanut 15) taken of my latest project. I'm currently working on a small downwind sliding gunter sail rig to add to it and will post those eventually. The sail rig is lifted from Dave Nichols "Building Lapstrake Canoes" book.


Final showdown begins in Singapore - Red Bull in pole position at the end of day 1

Click here to read the online version


Ho! Ho! Ho! Have you seen what's inside the latest issue of Classic Yacht Magazine? Gifts!


These little boats were set on a course and released to sail across Sydney harbour. They were the followed by rowers in row boats large sums of money was betted on the results, I believe ferries were used to house the betting crowds. Here is a site for the building of such a small and sea worthy craft.


Manie Botha wants to start a PDRacer club in South Africa. Good luck, Manie!


With the Loire River Raid 2011 just past, and the Morbihan Cruise 2013 in the planning stage, this link to French Coastal Regulation may be useful: 

Also, those interested may go to this very informative site.


Jubilant Luna Rossa crowned Extreme Sailing Series 2011 Champions after emphatic final Act win.

Click here to read the online version