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Listed below are the fine websites who have chosen, for whatever reason, to link to this site.  If you would like to join this group, write me at:   with the pertinent information. 
  • Acme Outboard Motors
    We take in vintage iron that is starving for attention and restore it to sleek running condition.
  • Arrowhead Boats
    Your online source for custom boats and canoes to carry you on all your adventures!
  • Bayside Wooden Boats
    Established by Ross Lillistone to build traditional boats using modern methods
  • B.C.A. Demco
    For every person who enjoys squandering a good deal of time (and hopefully a lesser amount of money) playing with boats, building them, designing them, studying them, or just dreaming of them and, sometimes, even sailing on them.
  • Berry Boats
    Small boats built in traditional solid wood and plywood as well as repair and maintenance service for boat and yacht owners in the North Devon (UK) area.
  • Campion Sail and Design
    A few pages about some of the small craft - dayboats, racing or sailing dinghies, beach cruisers and canoe yawls, that Tom Dunderdale has built or designed.
  • Capt'n Pauley Video Productions
    a small multimedia production company doing boating related eBooks, videos, DVDs and CDs.
  • Casa Cat
    Here is a very clever motor sailer demountable catamaran that was designed for home builders. It all folds up into a very compact unit.
  • CKD Boats
    A South African company offering a wide range of products and services including John Welsford plans and kits.
  • Common Sense Boats
    Where you can build a better boat than you can buy
  • Compact Camping Concepts
    Now that you've finished your canoe or kayak project, it's time to build a Tent Topped Camping Trailer and take it out for the weekend.
  • Craft A Craft
    Craft A Craft covers all kinds of boats and boat building. Personally, I'm building Mark Van Abbema's V28. Check out my build log for my latest progress!
  • Crazybird - The Caledonia Yawl
    Nick Grainger's wonderful homage to the Iain Oughtred design, and his own boat: 'Crazybird'. Also articles, discussion, and The Voyage of the Aegre.
  • Denman Marine - specialises in timber boatbuilding - either traditionally built or modern composite timber construction
  • Dix Yacht Design
    Boat plans for all sizes, from the 8ft Dixi Dinghy stitch & glue yacht tender to the Hout Bay 70 cruiser, of wood, plywood, fiberglass composite, steel and aluminum
  • Flying Dutchman Sailboat
    Watch as Kevin Schmidt totally rebuilds an aging Flying Dutchman sailboat from the ground up.
  • Free Boat Design Resources
    Gavin Atkin's classic website - tons of free designs and other information for boat builders
  • Gator Boats
    These modern versions of traditional swamp boats, are not fancy, and they are not complicated, and they are not hard to build.
  • Geodesic Airolite Boats
    Unique build-at-home Ultra Light Canoes, Whitehalls and Sailing Dinghies, consisting of a fabric covered wooden framework.
  • - My dream of building boats recently became my addiction. I have started a blog to share progress with my projects and my solutions to the various problems I encounter - Bill Wessinger
  • Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories
    Lots of cruising and general boating information here
  • GSProducts - US supplier of chain, wire rope and marine fittings.
  • Herkimer & Perkins
    We build backyard boats and mess about in our boats in Buffalo, New York. Lots of photos and logs.
  • HR Solutions-PolySails
    Dave Gray's Polytarp sail page
  • JM Reineck & Son, Our blocks and hardware combine the beauty and durability of bronze designs from the guilded age of yachting with the proven performance of modern plastic ball bearings.
  • Jim Michalak's Newsletter
    Twice a month, Jim posts a new issue with lots of good boat building advice, and news
  • John Welsford Small Craft Design
    Rowing Boats - Sailing Boats - Power Boats
    Boat plans for the home boat builder
  • Joseph Buchanan Boat Portraits, Nautical Paintings and More
    Beautiful, original paintings of your boat in watercolor at a reasonable price.
  • Light Schooner, The
    Tim Fatchens wonderful presentation of Bolger boats
  • Logosol Portable Sawmills
    Perfect for boat builders! Get a truly portable sawmill and produce quality lumber! You can run the sawmill with a chainsaw, an electric saw, a bandsaw or a log house moulder. Free video and catalogs!
  • POR15 Coatings
    Unlike paint which relies on solvent evaporation, POR-15 cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere
  • Mastgates
    Single-Handed Sail management crafted in USA by Tom Luque (Pat. Pen.)
  • McFeely's
    online source of square drive screws in stainless and silicon bronze
  • Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans
    Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders - Light, Elegant, High Performance - Detailed Step by Step Instructions
  • Mother of all Maritime Links
    The last word in links, and it should be your first stop for surfing the 'net
  • is a permanent virtual exhibition, connecting manufacturers and buyers in 5 languages, around the world. It contains more than 3,000 exhibitors selected among the major international manufacturers and contains also more than 24,000 products.
    Online shopping for nuts, bolts, screws, washers, assortments and hardware items. Standard, metric and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Pop-pop-Steamboats Forum
    Also known as the "pop-pop engines, hot-air engines, solar energy, thermoelectrics, model trains, bamboo flyrods and model steamboats" group.
  • Sailboats To Go
    Add-on sail rigs for canoes, kayaks and inflatables. Strap a mast, rudder, leeboard and sail to almost any boat. No drilling required.
  • SailingTexas
    If you sail in Texas, particularly in the Highland Lakes area, you need to visit this site. The best sailboat classifieds and a huge collection of sailboats.
  • Saugatuck Wooden Boat
    Building and restoring wooden boats as well as offering river cruises at Saugatuck, MI.
    Small model boat kits for radio controlled sailing. The hulls are based on a shaped foam core which makes them easy to build and unsinkable. These are great fun in the swimming pool or on the lake.
  • Seaward Adventures
    Chris Kleinfelter's blog of which he says in part: "I Work for a shipyard that builds megayachts. My personal contribution to building boats for billionaires is in the cabinet shop.   This blog is more than a hobby"
  • Selway-Fisher Designs
    Yacht and boat designs, plans and manuals for the home and professionsl boat builder. Duckworks is the US agent.
  • Shallow Water Sailors
    The SWSers are trailer sailors who enjoy sailing on water so thin it can be termed a "heavy dew."
  • Simplicity Boats
    A super website put together by David Beede who was the winner of the 2001 Duckworks design contest.
  • Simply Skiffs
    Makers of simple rowing boats that can be customized to suit and the builder delivers the boats in the UK and launches them as well.
  • Small Craft Advisor
    Vigorously defending the theory that there is a leisure class at both ends of the boat spectrum
  • Swallow Boats
    Swallowboats make high quality, easy to build, traditional style kit boats.
  • Tosh Custom Boatworks
    Centerboards, Rudders, Tillers, Masts, Handrails, Toerails, Cleats, Inclinometers, Hatch Covers - located East Texas
  • Triloboats
    Full Cabin Expedition Cruiser for two adults plus - Build at home or on location - Based on Phil Bolger's Birdwatcher concept - Extensive plans package.
  • Trinity Marine
    Nautical antiques and marine collectables: artifacts, scientific & navigation instruments, antique diving helmets & equipment, Royal & merchant navy artifacts and authentic Ships fittings
  • Woodenboat New Zealand
    A great content rich website focused mostly down under
  • Woodworker's Workshop
    The largest collection of organized do it yourself projects and information available on the Internet.

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