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Seasons Launches

Here are my this seasons launches:

BananaShark - small kayak for small rivers and small lakes.

Crocodude - Brutal shaped "good" enough kayak.

Whales tear - funny swimming amfibio tear drop trailer.



I had a new boat launch on 9-3-12. It is a homebuilt racing trimaran made with Isotope catamaran parts. The center hull is 20 foot long and made as close as I could to match the shape of the Isotope hulls and is made from ply and glass covered. It is 14 foot wide and weighs right at 335 lbs. First sail was encouraging in 8-10 mph wind my top speed for the day was 9.4 on the gps and I covered 10 miles. I can paddle it with a single blade at 3 mph pace. Testing will continue and I hope to have it ready for the Watertribe North Carolina Challenge on Sept 28th.

Roger Mann

Blue Heron

I'm happy to say that today I finally launched Blue Heron. The boat is set up to be a solar electric cruiser for one or two. The launch went very well and everything on the boat performed as can see vids and pics at


El Gato Gordo

El Gato Gordo: 32' loa, 15.5' beam. Current draft 11" including keelsons, expected draft 12-14" completed. Biplane balanced lugs, 340 sqft total.

Self designed and built by Gordo Barcomb in Clear Lake, Texas



John F, our oldest sailing member, built this fine Mik Storer designed Beth Sailing Canoe over the past few months.

He ''splashed'' this Saturday. I managed to get a few snaps after the sail, but none of the event.

Last year John built a Bolger 12 foot Catboat and has a fine Welsford Navigator as well.

John named his boat My Last Hurrah of the Season.

Pictures of Beth Sailing Canoe.



After a four month build Tangerine was launched last Sunday. It was a beautiful morning on Lake Macquarie, Australia with just a light breeze.

The boat got to the water without a name. We sat on a park bench dedicated to man named Kevin so we called the canoe Kevin. He would have liked that.

The boat was just a little heavy with the ply floor but easy for two to carry. Much to my surprise there were no leaks, even from the screw holes for the aluminium strip down the full length of the keel.

It paddled easily and was quite fast but it did track to port a bit. It could have been the wind which was coming from port. It was a little hard to turn but it is a large body of water tracking boat. Also, the boat was a little tippy. I went away for a bit and returned to find the crew off the seats sitting on the floor. Other than that the boat went well.

Thanks to my crew for their help with the launch.

Mike John

Built by me and designed by Jeff Horton.


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