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Crazy John Redux

Thanks Chuck, now I understand why I liked Crazy John's sharpie so much. I frequently drool over videos of the Phoenix III and the Periwinkle on Youtube. You can tell Ross it's ok if he's committing the sin of pride, his designs are beautiful. If I felt like my woodworking skills were a lot better than they are I would be veeery tempted ...

Paul Cook


I was in a hurry because I had to leave for work this morning when I sent my other email, but I wanted to mention that Jim Michalak's Mayfly14 also has very nice lines. And I might have a chance at doing a halfway decent job of building that one. Although it probably wouldn't look as good as the one Ross Lillistone built.


Information Wanted

For some reason, I got a bee in my bonnet the other day and remembered a magazine I used to subscribe to in the late '50s.  It was called "Outboard" and strangely enough was focused on outboard boats and motors.  

After a couple of years, I think they were teetering on insolvency and were merged with a magazine called "Boats."  Since I had a multi-year subscription, the remainder of my subscription was filled by the magazine called "Boats" which had a little note in the title "incorporatting Outboard magazine" or something similar.

I've tried to find any mention of "Outboard" and cannot.  Not on eBay, not Wikepdia,  not anywhere.  In fact, there's no trace of "Boats" either!

I just wondered if you've ever run across any mention of the magazine?

Enjoyed your website by the way.

Don Van Dis 

Can anyone help Don? I will forward emails to him - Chuck

Dates are set for the 2013 Columbia 150-ish

The event starts on Monday, Aug 5 and ends on Friday, Aug 9. Route, stops, exact times, etc. will all be worked out shortly.

We are starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday to give out-of-towners a chance to participate. Most of the stops will be at/near boat launches, so a person could decide to just come for a day or 2.

Major announcements will be done over the Duckworks forum There will be a web page for static info like route, times, recommendations, etc. There will be a FaceBook group for the usual blatherings and natterings.

Get yer affairs in order, boys, 'cuz we're all gonna die!

Andrew Linn


Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to help me decide what boat I should build next. Your advice meant alot.

Between You and J Welsford, we decided that a Houdini would suit my purposes.  I cant tell you how happy I am about that because I really really wanted to make and learn to sail the Houdini.

Thank you again


Kudos to Stacy Smith


I really enjoyed Stacy Smith's article this morning. When he talked about driving over waterways and the water beckoning, I understand that feeling. I don't drive over waterways very often, though I dream about them frequently. But I knew exactly what he meant when he said, "This yearning borders on painful at times." I have experienced that feeling many times when I've been off on a trip somewhere and driven by an idyllic body of water, wishing for all the world that I had a boat with me that I could spend even 20 or 30 minutes on the water in that perfect moment, drinking in the serenity. I hope that Mr. Smith captures many such moments and opportunities in his bufflehead.

Thanks for the article,


Wood boats?

Hello Chuck

Last week I was reading in a yachting magazine. One of the readers asked there "why are boats built in wood". I was flabbergasted and very sad.

What is going on? Many people, especially the young ones, know only plastic boats. 

The world, as we know now, was discovered by wooden boats and would not be the same without them. 

Years ago it was a pleasure to go into a harbor to watch the boats. Looking at schooners, ketches and sloops all built in wood and in Holland built in steel. As diverse as the rigs were the hull shapes. Then as the years went by, it got more boring. So we stopped looking at boats years ago. Today we see only Tupperware boats. Besides the sloop rig, there is nothing else to see. The EEC regulations forced almost all small boatyards to close because the cost for certifying is extreme high. Now, only boat factories are left. The result is boring equalized boats. Anyone who building a boat outside an EEC regulation crazy country is lucky. 

On the other side boats here are looked at as another gymnastic machine. 

People are concerned about the environment. Plastic boats don’t help much with that either.  A wooden boat can be recycled a polyester boat not.  

Here is a typical regulation hoax:

Sven Yrvind, who is well known for his voyages with tiny boats sailed his 15 ft. micro cruiser last year  from Sweden to Martinique. He attended the Swedish boat show and was showing his boat. At the last day of the show he found the following European boating directive message on his boat:

 “The boat does not meet all the requirements for CE-regulation and further cannot be sold or put into service“

So it is for me a pleasure to read the „Duckworks magazine“ to see all the different boats made by enthusiast amateur boat builders.

Best regards
Bernd Kohler

A good day at Ft DeSoto

We had such a good time last Saturday that we're going again next Saturday. The area around Ft DeSoto is so beautiful that some of us are going again. This time I'll take my big umbrella and chairs for the beach. It doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing, the sailing will be great.  Steve has challenged us all to a race; him in his little canoe. The launch ramp is really impressive, you could launch fifty boats there at the same time and not even notice the crowd, except when the dumb jet skiers park right in the middle of everything. And it's so easy to get to.

the impressive ramp at Ft. DeSoto

For me it's just a quick ride across the Skyway and I'm there. This may be easier than going to the beach just down at the end of the road. I'm sorry that you guys from all the long way off places have to see this but it's good for you to see what the promised land looks like. If you're really good maybe you'll be a Floridian in your next life.

For a lot more wooden boat pictures open this link to Doryman and scroll down to the Port Townsend wooden boat show, you'll see more wooden boats than you thought existed.

I love this video of me sailing at Ft DeSoto, the music is perfect. Again, thanks Simon. 

David Lucas
Lucas Boatworks and Happy Hour Club

Book Review


Saw your book review today, it made me think of a wonderful book I and a couple friends read about sailing in out book club long ago. You might like to read it. It is :
"First You Have to Row a Little Boat":Publisher: Grand Central Publishing [Paperback] Richard Bode (Author)

Have fun sailing, regards,

Bev Doig

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