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Pathfinder Cabin

Hi Chuck,

A big hello from Newfoundland Canada. I see the the boat building is alive and well down south of me and that's good for all involved.

I hope you had a better summer than I (I hear your still in a drought) Our may, June and July was honestly mostly rain. On record July in my area had 4 rain free days in July. Toss in Fog or high winds and there was no good day for sailing in July. However I did get out sailing eventually and the cabin addition was exactly what the doctor ordered. It made my trips much simpler by just throwing gear in the cabin. Cold winds were minimized by the cabin bulkhead, and the privacy made 'going" not so much a chore. Setting up my rigging was no different and the cabin posed no problems and no surprises. I never got a chance to sleep in my Pathfinder this year but I plan to change that next year.

Since the cabin article I have had a few inquiries about building the cabin and I've given the folk additional information or opinions on building it. Perhaps next year I could do an update for you on how the cabin worked out. I get asked that alot. Many still on the fence scared to take that plunge.

Anyhow take care and continued best of luck with the business.


Perry Burton

By all means, Perry, that would be great! - Chuck

New Format


The latest format is a great improvement, its very helpfull to see comments people have at the end of the articles I write.

I do however have a couple of comments my bio seems to be unavailable and the list of previous have articles has disappeared. I have had what seemes like a good idea, but am not sure how much effort it would be to implement. As the bio link is at the top of each article why not include a list of previous articles on the bottom of the bio page. I find its handy if you like an article someone has written to be able to see their other work.

Also not sure about the advert for pizza in the middle of the page, your adverts for chandlery are however very useful on the right hand side.

I must say I am full of admiration for your web site, not only the content, which is very close to my heart, but the sheer volume and the way in which it is so easily linked for the viewer's convenience. It can't be easy running a business, having time to go sailing and managing a huge undertaking such as this.

Regards Mike

Thanks for the suggestions, Mike. We have set up a page of your past articles, as we do for regular contributors, and will post a link at the bottom of each of your subsequent articles. More on the ads below - Chuck


Hi chuck, I enjoy reading duckworks, but I think some of the promotional advertising is going a bit far. I was recently reading an article and then bang, right between one paragraph and the next, there's an advertisement about backpacker vans?? I think advertising in the side colums is fair enough, but to be interupting the continuity of an article somebody writes, is a bit of an insult.

Regards Charles Rablin

The larger ads are all part of keeping Duckworks profitable. We got a phone call from an actual person at Google who suggested the changes so we decided to try them. Since then the revenues have increased significantly - enough that we will be able to continue publishing Duckworks. - Chuck

Mystery Block

The mystery block and emblem in December's Reports looks a lot like the upper block of the fore-sheet assembly on the tall ship I work on. the bail is attached to an iron on the boom. As for the emblem, it looks like whoever built the block decided to decorate the keeper that prevents the pin from backing out of the shiv and cheeks of the block.
-Garrison Grant

The Third Bayou Teche Wooden Boat show

Hi Chuck

A little blurb about the 2012 show, if you don't mind! Thanks so much for helping us spread the word!

The Third Bayou Teche Wooden Boat show is set for April. 20-22!

The show starts Friday at about 6 p.m., and will continue through Sunday. We’ve progressed from a single day show, to two days last year and now for the full weekend. The show is held in conjunction with the Bayou Teche Black Bear and Birding festival along Parc sur la Teche in the historic district of downtown Franklin, Louisiana

Please join us, either as a participant or a viewer, for what has become the fastest growing wooden boat event in Louisiana.

Here's our website:

Roger Stouff

Bill Thomas Woodworking

Click to enlarge


We got a nice order for kayak footbraces from Bill Thomas up in Maine the other day. He included this picture of his Fox Canoe which is featured in the latest issue of Small Boats. He has a nice website HERE, and there is more info about the Fox HERE and even a video HERE.