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The Verlen Kruger Memorial is organizing a paddling and sailing event in Michigan: The Tip of the Mitt Adventure in June 2011. See the following website for details: Verlen Kruger Memorial Paddling Events. Come join us for this adventure!!!


I know some of you are going to LOVE this one!


You could always carry peaches in it...


I thought that you might enjoy seeing the website of a new adventure race to be held in Michigan - June of 2011. Therre is both an outside (Great Lakes) and inside (Au Sable and Manistee rivers with portages) course. This could be one tough bugger of an event!

Dave Chase Holland, Michigan

You're gonna want one of these! For those days when sailing is just way too relaxing .....


Duct tape boat.

Guy Capra

Free Ebook: The Migrations of an American Boat Type, by Howard I. Chapelle

Free Ebook: Men, Women, and Boats, by Stephen Crane

Free Plans: PM's Go-Cat Pt 1. This seems to be Part II but the name of the boat is different.

Free Plan: Canoe

Mike John

Boats@TheBarns Calendar 2001.


Bruce Armstrong is trying to sell his Tolman Skiff - it is a nice boat that has been featured in Duckwork articles. Here is a link to a virtual brochure of sorts. $12,500 / Santa Barbara, Ca with fresh impeller and dealer engine service....... keeping the inflatable vests for Hawaii......... thx..... Bruce

If I had a rich uncle, this is what I'd want for Christmas. Warning; tool porn content. Vakaman

We are building a duo105 at the moment and I try to keep a blog updated about the building progress. Maybe visitors to your site might be interested. Paul

From a posting on Watertribe. This is hard core training! This would make Nightmare look easy.


Here is a video about Alberto and his Paradox – someday, computers may be able to translate speech, but for now it is in Spanish. The video is quite entertaining, though. Chuck

I enclose a video of my boat.

Happy New Year, Alberto
Rawson Chubut Patagonia Argentina

My dream of building boats recently became my addiction. I have started a blog to share progress with my projects and my solutions to the various problems I encounter. I have included a link to your website on my blog as a resource I have enjoyed. If you think your readers would enjoy seeing my blog, I would be glad to have you add it to you links page.

Bill Wessinger

Brendan sent me to see a u tube video of the boat shop in St. Augustine getting it's newest project.


Saw this on the net thought you might like. How about these. Cheers Stewart

I found a couple of boating vids that I thought you might want to share
with your customers.



I admire Hugh Horton's Bufflehead very much. I came across this web site about building Bufflehead and using her. The pages on safety, using just the correct amount of internal buoyancy tubes and how to recover her from capsize are valuable to all Bufflehead builders and canoe sailors. Brian Pearson

#79, Gordita, was immolated in the annual Coots boat euthanasia celebration yesterday. My ideas of what a Puddle Duck Racer should be changed while I was building Gordita, and I never finished her. May she rest in peace... JetMan Dan's (with a video of the ignition!)

Frank Mabrey's

There is a relatively new boat named the "Newt" from Jordan Wood Boats in Oregon that I am going to be building. My website is: Information about the boat design can be found here.

Bruce Kissinger

Some info about Hugh Horton’s Bufflehead sailing canoe. A Bufflehead gallery from Bill Ling. Safety aspects and capsize routine. Hugh Horton’s bio, essays from Hugh, a big photo gallery and a link list.


it's summer down under . . .

. . . and this is what they're doing around Melbourne.

Very cool


This is interesting, he doesn't seem to have to worry about sinking but half as much...

Gary MacEoin

Following on from the great three men in a boat story, here's three men in another boat. It's the story of Griff's own yacht on a trip along the
south coast of the UK. Very funny and great viewing. It's in two episodes. Then there's the follow up to that that, Three men in more than one boat. Benjy

A good read with photos.

Stewart Strik

I have a brother-in-law who was rather badly burned by some burning oil some years back (he seems to be fully recovered, but it was not pretty for a while). As a result, I have a healthy respect for hot liquids. I successfully got the lead poured this afternoon. The pour was uneventful; it is such a relief to have this potentially hazardous job DONE!


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