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   October Treasure Chest

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The Treasure Chest is a place to put those cool sailing, cruising, motoring, boatbuilding or boating tips you have. Send us your ideas... We just need a photo and a short description.

This time we have...


What I did with the rudder was to cut 2-1/2" holes, put a thin layer of epoxy in and let it harden and put washers in more epoxy flush with the wood. To get the weight right I filled a kiddie pool and put washers on until the rudder went down on the bottom end. With the rudder being a inch thick and the rudder laying flat in the water & vertical, it will work when it's on the boat. I know its not what you would call the right way BUT. The last picture is a the Fishermans Skiff I just finished.


Tiller Extension with Rope Grip

A little while back Brian wrote about his tiller extension.

Brian's Extension

I like it. I was having trouble gauging how long to make my tiller on my Catbox. This to me is a great idea, solves my problem, the length is adjustable, is simple to do and makes The Treasure Chest a worth while column. Your ideas can make a difference for someone else.

I could not find eyebolts locally to take the 1" dowel I am using but I found an eye nut that worked. I attached mine to the side of the rudder stock using 1/2" threaded rod - galvanised was the best I could get. A rope in one end and a rope grip on the other was the go I decided. The rope should stay. If not I will rough up the dowel and glue the rope to it. I used fishing rod runner binding techniques. There is a description of the tying here. It works well and you can even push the tiller back to pass behind your back on a tack and then pull it forward again.

Rope handle - I must dig out that weed later

The holes were a little big so I turned the eyes slightly to create so friction.

She looks at home on the Lake's edge.
The other boats do seem bigger though.

Thank you Brian,

Mike John

Kayaks on the Wall

Following the article of Mario Stoltz, I would like to share with the Duckworks readers how I store our kayak fleet on the garage wall. I had to resolve my storage problem before stating the building of my Michalak AF4. The pictures are self-explanatory.

Fred, Canada

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