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John Harris is at it again.


I finally did the lead pour for the Centerboard for my Glen L 14, comments & a video are here.


You all know that I like boat building and sailing. Here is a website I am building. I hope you enjoy it!

Send your comments, suggestions and ideas from the "contact me" page on the website.

Jonathan Bornman


As usual... there's no fooling you.

Here it is <he said sheepishly>

David Graybeal
Harbor Woodworks
Portland, OR

After nearly a year of working on my Navigator, I finally got around to creating a blog. Better late than never I guess <grin>. If anyone is interested, the blog can be found here:


On a big ship you don't need to secure stuff!


My Truant is nearing completion. Build photos are on flickr.

John Beatty

Just a quick note to let you know I've finished my third book, "Optimizing the Trailerable Sailboat". It run 326 pages, has 11 chapters and loads of photos and my CAD drawings. Its $27.95 hard copy or $13.50 download at:

Paul Esterle

Freelance Boating Writer
"Capt'n Pauley's Place"
The Virtual Boatyard

I've recently completed a mostly paper boat. I say "mostly" because by mass it is easily more paint, wood, and sticky glue-type stuff. It is probably better described as a skin on frame boat with a fairly rigid paper skin for a hull, and a fairly minimal wooden frame. And it is made primarily from materials leftover from other projects or those slated for the trash bin. I spent $14 on some more varnish and a box of brass screws. The rest I found, impatiently waiting to be turned into a part of a boat. I've started a blog here. And at the top there is a link to a web album with more pictures, including the first few voyages. It was loads of fun, and anyone could do it. I look forward to hearing what you think! Grange

Here's a new video, featuring Jim Luckett from SailBoatsToGo, sailing our W500 upwind, standing up, sans outriggers. BTW, the W500 is 28.5" wide... I did something similar a few years back, with our smaller model (W300) and a smaller, DIY crab claw sail rig. Yoav,

Andrew Tatton Ya GOTTA be a redneck! Click Here.

Laura Jernegan: Girl on a Whaleship

Great diary of a young girl on a 3 year whaling voyage.


I wish make known our class 10 '(DIY boat). It' s a amateur sailing class where boats can be up to 10 'of any type (monohull and multihull) and 8 sqm sail area up. The site is now unfortunately in italian [translated], but there are many photos. A movie (perhaps the only) is located at this link. We have fun like that! The three of Creedence songs have no meaning except "Molina" because the Italian sailors perceive "Bolina" (up-wind). Regards, Renzo Lionello

I'm Gianfi and I know that you like unusual boats like me! I only want to tell you that Corentin de Chatelperron is arrived in France after 9000 miles on a boat made in jute!


Free Book - A House-Boat on the Styx, by John Kendrick Bangs.

Free Starlet 36 Model Sailboat Plans

Free Sports Sled plans from Popular Mechanics/

Mike John

Retiree Builds 33-Ton Sailboat in Backyard


Maritime sensory overload? Here's a great slide show from last weekend's boat show when you get a few minutes to relax. Enjoy.


To kick-off two Puddle Duck Racer events, I composed a song and put it up at youtube. The photos are from the 2008 Duckworks Messabout at Magnolia Beach.

Tim Cleary

I just posted a boarding ladder blog on with some general discussion, drawings and a photo of the ladder I installed on my Matilda 20.

Paul Esterle
Freelance Boating Writer
"Capt'n Pauley's Place"
The Virtual Boatyard

This is interesting.


BBC News - Chocs ahoy! Chocolate boat sets sail in France



BBC News - Pumpkin boat championships held.

Definitely Homebuilt...


Don't know if you've seen this thing yet.  I stumbled on it because I live in the same neck of the woods.  Have not seen one in the flesh.


Glenn Holland


I'm posting the daily logs of my eight day, 220 mile solo cruise on the Chesapeake Bay. You can see them on my blog at....


Here's a link to a photographer mate's Flickr site. I took the Stasha to Cannes classic yacht regatta and it went down a storm.


Will post my 100th youtube video in the next day or so. Have over 220,000 views now.

Stitch and Glue and Stylish Too.

Here is an album of "Grinder" on the Hudson.

Tom David

Don't miss the latest issue of Classic Yacht Magazine. On page 4 there is an explanation of some new features that make browsing easier.


A high-tech sailing car.


See all the action at this years St Michaels.


You might be interested by this video.

Fred Shoonere
Quebec City, Canada

I think that you should create a permanent and prominent link to Warren Messer's redbarnboat YouTube Channel. He has oodles of helpful videos and his ongoing series on building his Granville Bay is a classic and should be watched by everyone who has ever dreamed of building a boat. Thanks, Tad Johnson
Aaah, I've found the 'gurgle' again! You know that satisfying gurgle of water passing under the hull, when there's no motor to obscure it. Aaaah, one of the most satisfying sounds in nature, especially when its created by a Welsford hull!!! I found some footage of my Truant (TruantSea) stacked away in my hard drive since 2007, so I've uploaded it to Youtube. Try this link... Go the GURGLE!!! Grahame

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