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This time we have...

Gasket for Mounting a Compass

... I have had good results by getting a tube of the right gook silicone, polysulfide, sixaflex etc, laying a neat bead a little thicker than you need, and letting it skin over and partially cure. Then you assemble the parts, tightening down evenly part way, clean up a bit if need be, and letting it cure completely. This forms a removable and normally re-useable gasket custom fitted to the mating parts and an extra turn of the mounting screws forms a good seal.

Cheers, Brian

And another use for my multi tool!

About the multy tool, a couple of months ago I purchase a pneumatic one from Harbor Freight. It is a workhorse and superior to any electric tool on the market. Is also lighter and smaller. (If you have a good size compressor pneumatic is the way to go). F. Y. I , Industrial Abrasives tel 1-800-428-2222 (Not affiliated with them, just a good supplier of my business for many years).They sale to anyone and no quantity or minimum limits.


How to Mix Epoxy Without Bubbles

I'll have to add this to my bag of tricks (click here). I've always had trouble with tiny bubbles in the epoxy.


Another Re-entry Idea

Found this in one of my old magazines from way back in 1969.

They were talking sbout the same things then as now.

Allen in Oz

Rope Grommets

Years ago I read in Hervey Garrett Smith´s book "The Marlinspike Sailor" how to make rope grommets. As I was rigging a small boat I had built with Jim Michalaks Mayfly 14 rig I decided to use Miks (Michael Storer) idea and mount the blocks using rope and decided to make grommets instead of knots for asthetic reasons, which is why this is also to you Mik. Jim suggests a piece of plastic pipe to keep the yard from flying away in the wind, but I thought a grommet again would be at least more asthetically pleasing, so I took some pictures. If you want to put this in the magazine, heres how to make a grommet -

Determine the circumference of the grommet you want to make and cut a piece of rope three times the circumference plus six times the rope diameter (its a good idea to cut a bit more, just in case) and unlay the three strands. Mark the circumference from one end and make a circle with the strand and begin to re-lay the rope. If you are making a grommet to mount a block you will need to pass the strand through the bail (?) and make the grommet integral with the block. Be careful with becket-blocks. I started my grommet in the becket, not the bail on my first one. When the two ends meet up take the grommet in both hands and pull it apart (stretch it). The traditional way of finishing is to separate each end into two parts and tie an overhand knot with one half of each end and tuck the rest in like a splice and tuck in the other two parts, also like a splice, which probably works with hemp, but polypropylene is way too stiff, so I cut the ends to meet nicely and glued them with hotmelt silicon. It has held so far. Michael Storer uses rope to mount his blocks on the spars. The spars are one and one half to one and three quarters of an inch in diameter and I found that a 16 inch (40cm.) circle works very well, so I cut my rope to 50 inches (130cm.) and had some to cut off afterwards. There are lots of other uses for grommets, too, but I cant think of any at this time.

Sandy Straight 14

Ahoy there fellow boat builders (and lurkers) - I've been a bit too absorbed in what I'm doing to take a lot of pics, no helpers around as the rest of the family is still away on holidays. However there's an upside to that as you can see I'm working in the large, open plan kitchen/family/dining room. In airconditioned comfort: of course I won't be doing any sanding in here but at least I can glass the boat away from the high humidity outside. And yes I've measured up the doorway to make sure I can get it outside again!

Cheers Sam

Designed by Mark Bowdidge

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Propeller with the Cumulative Effect


I bring to your attention the principle of a propeller with a
cumulative effect. This design is based on an international application for
the invention. Details on the website



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