By Robie Powick - New Zealand

It's been a while so I thought I had better send on another Navigator update. Despite the constant demands on my time I have been busy and progress has been made. I am well into the planking process and it seems to be going well.

I also scored a FREE mast,spinnaker pole and 2 booms from a friend who's 20ft Hartley trailer sailer got wrecked when it fell off it's trailer in a storm. It was stored in his back yard at the time.The mast is only 100mm longer than the Cruising sloop rig that JW drew for Nav so should be perfect.

One boom is too short so I will just store that for now but the other is a Roller furling boom that is too long and I will get it cut to fit.

As can be seen in the photos I bought them home on top of the car and luckily didn't see any of the police as it actually was too long and I shouldn't have done it, especially as the last 1/2 hour or so was in the dark.

Never mind I got them home safe with no problems so all is well.

2007 has come to an end and as I enter year 3 of this project I hope that 2008 will see an end to the build phase; a launching later in the year; then a new project...learning to sail her. I also attached some more photos of what will be Nav's playground here in New Zealand.

Thats all for now

Regards, Robbie

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