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$1 Waterproof hatch
by Loy Seal

I wanted to put a water proof hatch in my modified Toto, “Golden Girl.” I built an enclosed front with two water tight compartments by leaving bulkheads 2 and 4 permanently in place and making them with 4” and 6” peaks on the bulkheads. The result was a kayak type look. I wanted the hatch to access the compartment between the two bulkheads. While at Dollar Tree one day, I found an 8 inch bowl with a snap on air tight cover for one dollar. I cut off the bottom of the bowl and caulked the bowl into a hole in the bulkhead, leaving the lip of the bowl on the outside. The cover fits perfectly and even “burps” to make a water tight fit. The navy blue cover even goes well with the yellow paint of “Golden Girl.” Not bad for one dollar.