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Listed below are the fine websites who have chosen, for whatever reason, to link to this site.  If you would like to join this group, write me at: chuck.leinweber@gmail.com   with the pertinent information. 
  • 1st Aboard
    Auto and boat transport boards for customers and carriers
  • Acme Outboard Motors
    We take in vintage iron that is starving for attention and restore it to sleek running condition.
  • Advantage Epoxy Composites
    If you want to buy quality top-name marine epoxy and composites at the lowest price, this is the place
  • All Volunteer Yacht Club
    An award winning boating site, offering fun online and an e-zine with nautical jokes, trivia and much more!
  • American Institute of Marine Studies
    Take advantage of an income tax deduction - donate your boat or receive a bargain sale cash offer from AIMS
  • Arrowhead Boats
    Your online source for custom boats and canoes to carry you on all your adventures!
  • Balogh Sail Designs
    High tech sailing rigs for canoes and kayaks
  • Bayside Wooden Boats
    Established by Ross Lillistone to build traditional boats using modern methods
  • Berry Boats
    Small boats built in traditional solid wood and plywood as well as repair and maintenance service for boat and yacht owners in the North Devon (UK) area.
  • Boat-Design.com
    Simple plywood boat plans for the home builder.
  • boatdesign.net
    connecting boatbuilders and designers on the web, highlighting innovations in both small and large powerboat design
  • boatinglinks.com
    the most complete collection of Boating Links on the Internet
  • Boat Owners World
    Directory - Classifieds - Forum - News
  • boatXchange
    Used boats for sale-sell a boat classifieds-boatXchange
  • Bolt Depot
    You can order from a large variety of fasteners - by the piece or the box - and have them delivered promptly.
  • Boulter Plywood
    Importers of marine and hardwood plywood, lumber to 20+ lengths and pliable veneers. They ship nationwide.
  • Brad's Boat Pages
    'Fanny', 'Mr. Bigglesworth' and other projects
  • Capt'n Pauley Video Productions
    a small multimedia production company doing boating related eBooks, videos, DVDs and CDs.
  • CKD Boats
    A South African company offering a wide range of products and services including John Welsford plans and kits.
  • Clarksville Boat Works
    Hand Crafted Plywood/Epoxy Pirogues
    The Best Plywood/Epoxy Pirogues in The Midwest!
  • Classic Boatworks of Maine
    Where we build, restore and repair classic wood boats
  • Common Sense Boats
    Where you can build a better boat than you can buy
  • Confidence Custom Boat Building
    Affordable aluminum and steel boat hulls for those who want to do some of the finishing themselves
  • CopperPoxy
    Performance marine coatings
  • Crazybird - The Caledonia Yawl
    Nick Grainger's wonderful homage to the Iain Oughtred design, and his own boat: 'Crazybird'. Also articles, discussion, and The Voyage of the Aegre.
  • Dix Yacht Design
    Boat plans for all sizes, from the 8ft Dixi Dinghy stitch & glue yacht tender to the Hout Bay 70 cruiser, of wood, plywood, fiberglass composite, steel and aluminum
  • Ed's Wooden Boat Loft
    Ed Jones displays his passion by documenting several boat building projects
  • Exhibit-it New Zealand
    Nautical Poetry, by "Ross Smedley" makes the ideal gift for the boatie in your family.
  • Flying Dutchman Sailboat
    Watch as Kevin Schmidt totally rebuilds an aging Flying Dutchman sailboat from the ground up.
  • Frank's Boatbuilding Page
    Lots of good information and links
  • Free Boat Design Resources
    Gavin Atkin's classic website - tons of free designs and other information for boat builders
  • Free Boat Exchange
    An eGroup to meet and arrange free exchanges with boat owners from around the world.
  • Gator Boats
    These modern versions of traditional swamp boats, are not fancy, and they are not complicated, and they are not hard to build.
  • Geezer Boatworks
    In which Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Browne suggests that the best boats are slow, salty powerboats.
  • Geodesic Airolite Boats
    Unique build-at-home Ultra Light Canoes, Whitehalls and Sailing Dinghies, consisting of a fabric covered wooden framework.
  • Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories
    Lots of cruising and general boating information here
  • Hector's Floatable Boatables
    Bolger boats, Civilian Aircraft Carrier, The Thousand Islands, Houseboats, and more...
  • Herkimer & Perkins
    We build backyard boats and mess about in our boats in Buffalo, New York. Lots of photos and logs.
  • The Home Boat Builders Page
    Tom Raidna site was started in 1998 and is one of the oldest boat building sites around. A number of interesting projects are detailed
  • HR Solutions-PolySails
    Dave Gray's Polytarp sail page
  • International Amateur Boat Builder's Society
    Jim Betts started this organisation in 1967 to help boat buliders just like you
  • Iron Woodpecker
    "Iron Woodpecker builds custom boat interiors. We also designed our own boat: the Bellezza 600"
  • Island Oars
    Hand crafted oars selectively chosen from the very best kiln dried British Columbian spruce or fir.
  • Island Teak
    Island Teak imports FEQ teak timbers directly from several sawmills in Burma (Myanmar) for the marine industry in North America.
  • James Francis Boats
    Guides and plans to build two interesting Pacific Proas
  • Jamestown Distributors
    a great source of woodworking supplies, specializing in fasteners, epoxy, paint, tools, hardware and more
  • Jim Michalak's Newsletter
    Twice a month, Jim posts a new issue with lots of good boat building advice, and news
  • John Welsford Small Craft Design
    Rowing Boats - Sailing Boats - Power Boats
    Boat plans for the home boat builder
  • Light Schooner, The
    Tim Fatchens wonderful presentation of Bolger boats
  • Marine-Paint.com POR15 Coatings
    Unlike paint which relies on solvent evaporation, POR-15 cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere
  • McFeely's
    online source of square drive screws in stainless and silicon bronze
  • Mother of all Maritime Links
    The last word in links, and it should be your first stop for surfing the 'net
  • Nautical Nonfiction Adventure Book List & Shanty Boat Page
    "This page is given over to various topics that occupy my time when I'm not actually working......" -Joe McWilliams
  • Nautical Follies
    Watch as Alan "Maddog" MacBride builds Tom McNaughton's 'Penny' (among other things)
  • Nautical Notions
    a collection of nautical quotations, terms, jokes and lots more - for those long watches.
  • New Jersey Maritime Research
    Steam bending and New Jersey Maritime History
  • Northeast Georgia Boat Building School
    There is an exhilarating feeling of being the helmsman a small craft. Imagine taking that same helm on a boat you built yourself.
  • Nutsandbolts.com
    Online shopping for nuts, bolts, screws, washers, assortments and hardware items. Standard, metric and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Open Canoe Sailing Group
    News - Forum - Pictures - Articles - More
  • Openboat.co.nz
    Dave Perillo's website dedicated to the fine art of cruising in open boats.
  • OwlNMole Pages
    Several boat building projects
  • Personalized Screensavers by Terry's Mark
    Have Your Boating Photographs Made Into Screensavers
  • RavenWood Services
    Specializing in custom milling and export of of premium quality Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir and Yellow Cedar.
  • Rugludallur
    This website documents the construction of a steel sailboat by Carl & Jarl. Lots of good information about tools and techniques for steel boat building.
  • SailingTexas
    If you sail in Texas, particularly in the Highland Lakes area, you need to visit this site. The best sailboat classifieds and a huge collection of sailboats.
  • Scavenger Backwater Motors
    When you need to get to hard to reach places
  • Scuzbums
    Southern California Small Boat Messabout Society
  • SEAYANIKA - Cal Vader 49
    Follow as Katriana and Eric create a beautiful world cruiser from a bare hull. Their circumnavigation to begin in 2003
    Christer Byström's links to boats for ordinary people
  • Simon Fishwick Small Boat Designs
    Sailing canoes and small sailing multihulls for stitch and glue construction
  • Simplicity Boats
    A super website put together by David Beede who was the winner of the 2001 Duckworks design contest.
  • Skiffkits
    Wood Components for Tolman Skiffs & Wooden Boat Building Supplies Custom CNC Design & Cutting
  • Spirit Sails
    Kayak and canoe sailing with their simple, compact and ultralight sailrig is more user-friendly and fun than ever.
  • Swaggie.org
    This site aims to gather together information and resources to assist the many Swaggie plan buyers.
  • Swallow Boats
    Swallowboats make high quality, easy to build, traditional style kit boats.
  • Tosh Custom Boatworks
    Centerboards, Rudders, Tillers, Masts, Handrails, Toerails, Cleats, Inclinometers, Hatch Covers - located East Texas
  • Triloboats
    Full Cabin Expedition Cruiser for two adults plus - Build at home or on location - Based on Phil Bolger's Birdwatcher concept - Extensive plans package.
  • Trinity Marine
    Nautical antiques and marine collectables: artifacts, scientific & navigation instruments, antique diving helmets & equipment, Royal & merchant navy artifacts and authentic Ships fittings
  • Uncle John's General Store
    Boat Kits and lots of other great stuff
  • UK Epoxy Resins
    supplying both professional and amateur builders with our own manufacture epoxy resin system for all applications
  • Woodenboat New Zealand
    A great content rich website focused mostly down under
  • Woodworker's Workshop
    The largest collection of organized do it yourself projects and information available on the Internet.
  • plans