Hot Chili - Update 7
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Hot Chili approaching flip-over. Jim is intending to turn her over her transoms and then setabout the beams (already half built by the bulkheads and 2-sheet bridgedeck) , and cuddy. The boat is well advanced in that the in hull berths and footwells are built.

The strength of the construction can be seen clearly in the first shot. Considering Chili would never be light enough to pick up, it was decided to make it well capable of taking a good thrashing on trailers and by beaching, camping etc.
The option of building her lighter is available of course, but a bit of weight is nice when jumping off a wave with wind getting under the bridgedeck.

As can be seen a single run of cloth (10 sq meters) is more than adequate to guarantee a dry bilge. The plans include a system of twin sacrificial beaching strips which dont ruin the integrity of the glass. his boat wont have them as its sprouting an oversize rig and Jim doesnt want the extra wet area to ruin the waterskiing he intends on those flat 12 inch bottoms. Intended as a cutwater rather than planing cat,
it has still been given every oportunity to lift onto those "skis" if one is skilled and brave enough to hoist the sail required.

Jeff Gilbert