Hot Chili - Update 6
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Hot Chili at about the 135 hour mark of a (still!) estimated 250 hours to hit the water. Ready to receive her bottoms, for all the world like sharpened waterskis, and intended to act like them under moderate power or stong winds. At more moderate speeds the rocker and waterline are close to six inches. You can see two sides of the main beam, the remaining two being the overlapping foredeck and a 8 x 0,5 x 9mm strip of ply with 5.5 inch square mini bulkheads to complete the beam. A glovebox cut in the back of this beam will enable access to mast-step bolts if you opt to bolt it through. The step itself sits on a plate above the beam, and coach screws with a Sikaflex bed would be more than adequate for those who dont like cutting into ply box breams, even just between bulkheads. You can also see Jim's really well fabricated super strong over-design-size alloy forebeam from which one could lift the whole boat! Plans include a wooden one and Chili motorbats versions may opt to dispense with it all together though it does make a fine bottom or para anchor point.

Jeff Gilbert

Some pictures leading up to this point:

Some progress this weekend. Foaming will be finished during the coming week and the bottoms will go on. Next weekend will be adventures with fibreglass cloth!