Hot Chili - Update4
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A rather unfulfilling weekend of finishing work. At least I got a fair bit done with both inner hull sides now more or less ready to attach to the boat. I will then have to pour the foam and put the bottom on and then paint all that etc. and I can turn the bloody thing over! By the way, I have worked out a new "mobility module" trailer design for HC. I will build it prior to turning over the hull so it can act
as the hull support. Kind regards, Jim

This"Side Sheet Comparison" shows how critical the length is. There is not much left over for a scarf!. The Bolger scarf works well though. Rgards, Jim.

Comment by designer...
Jim has joined his 6mm inner planking sheets by butt glueing and glassing. This inner length is the critical dimension which governed the design LOA,
which was a maximal 2 sheets around the inner curve, plus excess for development. 15.25feet.
This particular build is tight because Jim is using 2400 long sheets on a boat designed with 8 footers in mind., 8 feet is
The 3 inches lost is making itself felt, but was allowed for. Jim just does not have the luxury of an opportunity to scarf, but scarfing is a lot of work for a questionable gain, especially in this non-visible area. Jim has inside coated these sheets and they'll be fitted next time around.