Hot Chili - Update3
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Dear all,
This from Hot Chili prototype, I think lt has 80 hours invested. There are six hull compartments, most visible in Jims pictures, each 762mm (30 inches) apart with the rear one 76mm longer. Transom to stem they contain Flotation/stow, footwell base, berth base and stow behind pillow, berth base, berth base with closed cell foam under, flotation (more foam). None of this is hard and fast, just works well. Bunkboards lift to what Jim swears will be a dry bilge stowage area. Im never sure, water is marvellously inventive at getting in bilges. Thus the berth flat is nearly 8 feet, long enough for your boots & dog too.


PS: Here is what Jim Townsend, the builder, has to say:

Jeff, I have more ar less finished the fairing ready for planking. I have a bit more filleting to do, but you can now clearly see the form of the boat. I will be away for the coming week, but shld have an opportunity to do the planking next weekend. Should prove most interesting.

Rgds, Jim