Hot Chili - Update2
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Nice set of shelves! Looks a big 15 footer.

This at about 75hr, minus 2hours swearing at the chine logs, which have to be cursed into position! Seriously, you start at the transom and theres a bit of twisting. You get number 1 by putting a shifter on the chine log.
When 1 has set, you cut the stem bevel, then just glue and clamp it on.
These are 1 x 1 inch (25mm sq) Western Red Cedar, and glue it. You plane the excess off the bottom.

This is much easier in the end than putting the chine logs on neutral, which leaves you planing the excess off the sides at a constantly changing angle, vey difficult. The gunwale chine log under the bridgedeck, whose shape Jim is so taken with, was just put on so the corner touches the Bdeck, then backfilled with epoxy and faired with tape.

You can see the picture rail that takes the bunk entry covers, and the rear has a "cockpit" footwell which drains between the hulls. As you can see theres enough room to stow food under the bunks.

The forrd and rear compartments, plus all three beams will be foam filled.
Because the foredeck is six inches higher than the bridgedeck, and the rear beam is wide enough to sit on, if you were unlucky or silly enough to
capsize this one it would float with the bridgedeck barely wet. You can lean back against the hull side, activate your EPIRB, and while away the time working out slow death scenarios for the designer.

Jeff Gilbert