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Hi Chuck, We finally had our launch and it went great! My family had a great time and the boat is more than we had had expected or hoped for. We are running the 15hp Gamefisher Short Shaft Tiller motor with a removable transom bracket that we made. This configuration seems adequate for now and we do not appear to be experiencing cavitation problems. However, I do think that a center console set up would improve the boats handling overall but that's my opinion only. I wish I could give you a more factual performance report but I've always been a "shore dog" and cannot compare this boat to a past experience. For us, 2 logs lashed together would have been exciting.

For any first time builders like us, that here in Massachusetts the boat needed to be inspected by the MA Environmental Police and they issued a Hull # before we could register it. Also, keep good records of your materials used. The sales tax, (if applicable by state) is established through a review of the materials receipts. They will make and keep copies of all the taxable materials and establish the boats value before they issue the title. I had itemized all my expenses and it eliminated what could have been a long time at the registry office.

I would also like to thank Paul Bennett @ for the great plans and a beautiful looking vessel with great lines. Be prepared though, this boat draws the looks and questions from others. We've even been pulled over by folks wanting to know the brand of boat! When I glance at the kid's faces I realize she's now part of the family and I feel blessed and proud to have shared this super experience with each of my children. I don't think they'll forget it anytime soon.

Take Care, Phil Aldo