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 by David Graybeal of Harbor Woodworks in Portland, Oregon - USA

I don't know if everyone has noticed - but MIK has plans for paddles.

I started a pair for my own personal use several years ago - and set them aside. I just today finished them off. They were quite simple to build, with the usual detailed instructions. Here's some fotos:

Spokeshave - tuned up, sharpened and ready to slice & dice.
Using the spokeshave and block plane to shape the paddle shafts - per Mik's detailed instructions.
The near end is the blade end. It has been shaped to receive the plywood blades. The far end is the handle end. It is left square to receive the wedges (ears) that will fill out the full grip shape.
Handle end left rectangular to receive "ears".
Fully shaped shaft, ready for handle ears.
Same shaft, rotated 90 degrees.
Same shaft, different view.
Handle "ears", ready to be glued on.
Gluing on the ears. Note tiny pins holding the skinny ends in place until glue sets.
Ears clamped to shaft.
Handles. One with shaping started, one still squared.
Both handles with shaping begun.
Blades. One blank with layout lines, and one already cut to shape on bandsaw.
shafts and blades
Blade sitting loose on shaft.
Grips taking shape
Backside of blades after glueup.
Finally complete - except for the varnish. Note that, in the end, I decided the blades as drawn were bigger than I wanted... so I have scaled them down a bit. Time will tell whether this was a good idea. But these two are not for active, primary, canoe paddling. They are for my personal use - as backup (when I don't want to use oars) auxiliary propulsion for two different sailing dinghys.
Showing the slight spoon shape of the blades.
Stained & oiled grips
They look pretty good with the stain and varnish (and oiled grips).

Free Paddle Plans by Michael Storer

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