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by John Farrell - Burnet, Texas – USA

The very first time I saw the Toto plans I kind of fell for the shape, but I'd set my mind on a strip build so Toto was out. That was 2009.

Fast forward to late 2010, having found that strip stitch and glue was feasible and in fact easy, I ordered the plans through Duckworks and set to work.

I have since converted Toto to be able to rig as a Tri and took her to sail Oklahoma last fall, not the fastest trimaran but still fun. I'm working on planing outriggers (per Frank Smoot) ideas for speed increase.

She's done some trips on the San Marcos and Guadalupe with the Hero's on the Water program In fact, on one San Marcos trip I put a 30'' hole in her side (root ball below water line) and finished the trip by sitting on the non damaged side to reduce water ingress. I have since repaired and reinforced the damage. With rudder added she comes in at 42 lb.

Making up the panel on the bench
Drying out after soak to swell pin holes closed
Starting to assemble panels
Forms going in
All forms plus transom stitched in
Tack welded between zip ties
Glassing the inside
Front deck assembled

Front deck and subframe

Aft deck sub frame and beefed up transom (thinking trolling motor)
Front deck goopied on
Both decks installed
Skeg and bottom grafite coated
and the water test
The real world, Colerado river January this year
Toto sailing


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