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Built By Graeme Denne - Tasmania - Australia; Comments by Designer John Welsford


The river running through the city of Hobart, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful small boat cruising grounds anywhere. There is enough civilisation to ensure access and facilities, stunning scenery, long sheltered reaches and a huge estuary sheltered by a chain of islands from one direction and behind the river is a range of mountains that drops much of the rain out helping to improve the sunshine hours in the Aussie states temperate climate.

I have no doubt that it was driving on the roads along the riverside that seduced Graeme Denne and convinced him that he should be out there enjoying the sailing, and am complimented that he chose to build my Rogue design. It took him about 18 months to build which an easy pace of building for this 14 footer, and as a novice builder he's not only built her in good time but has made a nice job while doing so.

He's generously sent me photos, some of the boat while being built in his garage workshop, and some of the boat launched and sailing. Lovely, I wonder what he's going to do when in a few months he begins to miss the gentle work out in the "boatshop". The next one of course will benefit from all the skills he's learned on this one.

Well done Graeme, lets hear about the sailing when the Southern Summer begins.

John Welsford

Rogue is intended as a sailing boat that will row or outboard motor fairly well so she has long slim lines as this shot shows. Graeme has her all ready to paint here, the taped chine and filled seams will not show at all when covered.


There is a lot of room in here, the side seats and forward seat have buoyancy tanks under them which can also be used for dry stowage. He's done a nice job, there is a little finishing work still to do before the paintbrush comes out but you can tell she'll be something to be proud of.


Nice, that cockpit is going to be a comfortable place. The side decks are additional to the plans, I built my own one like that and if the boat is to be primarily used as a sailing boat they are a good idea.


That's a big powerful sail for a light boat, Rogues sail very well and can provide very exciting sailing as well as leisurely cruising when reefed down.


Launching day is a special day for any home boatbuilder, and I'm sure that Graeme had a real grin on his face when his boat got wet for the first time. Doesn't she look good!


Just a white dot out on the water, funny how people will pay moonbeams for a view of the water but for a few hours a week and some plywood and glue, you can be part of that so expensive view. Good sailing Graeme, nice work.


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