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By Tom Stover - Sacramento, California - USA

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Remember me? I was the person who sent an email and pictures of the Pirate ship playhouse that I'm building for My special needs daughter based on a 1962 Chris Craft Constellation.

I will have to wait out the winter and then it should be completed by Summer of 2011. I thought I would have it done by this year 2010, but wow? this is a lot of work!

I have the Pirate ship Playhouse about 95% completed now. I can only work on it during the Spring/Summer season each year. I started a Web Blog about the building progress and have a lot of pictures and interesting stories of the project on there.

Whew! What a project! I didn't realize how much work it would actually be to complete, but I keep plugging away at it each summer and soon I should be able to look back and think to myself, yep that was absolutely the longest and craziest project I have Ever done and experienced. I'm doing it for my Special needs daughter and I know it will make her very happy.

This is how it looked when I first started on the Project, and I saved it from being crushed and hauled to the dump.
Picture left is how it looks right now.
Walk around front bow Deck.
Forward Mast mount, minus the trim and siding pieces.
Captains Quarters Roof / Deck. I will add railings and Ships wheel here.

Front Bow Cabin and walk around deck. The main deck needs to be installed and that’s why the doorway looks a little tall.

Glass in floor for me treasure our cat Blacky like to sleep under it.
Partial Rendering of what the front of the ship may look like when finished.

Tom Stover A.K.A. Captain HighTide

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