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By Bernd Kohler - The Netherlands


Many quick boat construction systems exists. Almost all of them are faster than traditional boat building. Compared with each other it is less clear which system is really fast. The speed in which a boat can be built is only one side. Some of the systems lack accuracy. Monohulls will perhaps forgive a certain inaccuracy but multihulls will not.

This construction system is quick and accurate. I am happy to present it to you. The inventor Mr. Claude Petit is a long time client of me. He comes from Belgium and lives in Thailand.

Here the description in his own words

We have developed a unique assembly method, using ears and wedges and no jig is needed to build the entire boat. Everything is self aligning. The only tool needed is a hammer. Once the epoxy is set, simply pull out the wedges and cut of the ears. If you have ever assembled a puzzle, you can build this boat...

All parts are CNC cut from genuine marine grade BS1088 plywood with an accuracy of 1/100mm. The kit comes with an illustrated step by step construction manual making it as easy as building an Ikea-shelf. It can be shipped worldwide as a flatpack.

See pictures below to get the idea. One hull was dry assembled by two persons in a bit more than one hour.

And here the steps:

Here are the precise CNC cut bulkheads. Observe the ears.


And planking parts with corresponding slits. The planking connectors are another time saving factor.


Here are a close view of the planking connectors.


The bulkheads are slit in the back bone at the correct distances.

The hull basics is now turned over.

This hull has a horizontal bulkhead which stabilizes the hull in all directions. So no jig is necessary.


Now it looks already like a hull.


Next the planking is added. With the wedges the planking is pressed to the bulkheads.


Working on the keel area. Observe the planking connection is not jet done.


Planking connection done.


And a hull is done.

How the panel connections for the planking is done is shown on this picture (above). The whole hull was done in 65 minutes by two people.

The next step is to add filets to all connections. Thereafter, the ears can be cut off.

I think these pictures speak for themselves. Also, persons who would like to build a boat, and did not dare till now, can be sure that they can do it with this system.

No other construction system can match the speed with which a boat can now be built. The success experience is instant.

The first boat for which CNC cut plywood kits will be available is for the ECO power catamaran.

For more information see this link

Best regards

Bernd Kohler K-Designs

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