By Fred Night - Port Orange, Florida - USA

All motor heads looking for for a 357 inch block turning a four blade prop stop reading right now.

The boat can be dragged.

This drag boat can be dragged across a parking lot and down a beach for launching.

Easy launching.

I started this boat on October 31st so I call it pumpkin like in Halloween.
This was a scrappy build. I had so much scrap wood that it needed to be used for a boat.

Open for fishing.

This is my ten foot canoe/kayak. I did not put a deck on it because I wanted the open area for fishing. I use a double paddle and it goes fine.

Easy made paddles.

It is 134" tip to tip At the water line 120" and at the widest 31". The boat weighs in about 40lbs. It hangs over my tailgate by 36".

Overhangs a bit.

I can be in nearby rose bay in 12 minutes.

Colour scheme.

I have a pull handle on the back end and a extra wooden block on the front bottom so I can drag it with everything in it.

Pleasant place to paddle.

The sides and bottom are luan plywood. I made a solid mid brace and transom out of 1/2 inch plywood. I added some additional bracing out of scraps. A piece of PVC is my rod holder. I use a folding boat seat on top of a 1/2 inch plywood base.

More locals.

The cameo paint job is meant to be the bull emblem from the university of south florida. My apologies to them.


I used some duckworks plans for my double paddle and this boat moves right along plus the price was right.

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