by Mark Steele, Auckland, New Zealand

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Modeling is about People

Of a ketch and a mullety, and schooners with many masts!

Cruising weekly to no particular place!

A sleeping helmsman, flippin multi-hulls, island rum and whistling bebacks!

An Australian sea Horse?

The mess man maketh, yet there is still pleasure to be found!

Swiss Mini Sail mastery, `newie’ sailors, a mighty fine square rigger and those Kiwi cat-rigged Fiji schooners!

From the Alma to the Spray… Murray’s modelwork delights!

From the small world of the Footy to Gucci’s beautiful schooner Creole and other model yachts, to boats of battle.

A `toot sweet’ cruise, Seriously windling, Moonen’s latest and a late friend Melvin.

Of sea dragons, spook sailed scows, phantom windlers and a South Seas schooner!

A windling Reverend. Cup yawning,, Stan’s three brothers and a gathering of schooners

Someday to sea with Sweetie, Bogie’s Santana, and a man and his mullet boats

A trio to rave about, Kerfuffling and Kerplonkin, a man on my mission, and an Alden schooner to die for!

Of Todd’s two Mariah’s, a Mad Hatters Starlet Day, Bawley John, and Mark’s magnificent Victory

A model yacht crossing of Cook Strait, Mick Brown’s wife Marion’s schooner, and a model of the ill-fated Strathcona.

To fallen fellow sailors, a then youngster called Robin, and a classic topsail schooner

Scenic surroundings, a Gentleman’s yacht, and a compact Square-rigger

The sailboat models of Eduard. the quite unique non-Footy Footies of the gentlemen of Yorkshire and the Olin Stephens designed Stormy Weather

Turks & Caicos Islands sailing, a beautiful book, a new schooner launched and  a model cross-masted cat

Sailors for time left, the barges of the Thames and Netherlands, rolling with Rolex and a great Charters schooners pretend shootout!

Cup booing and big business in Spain, an Emirates-liveried one metre, a new `baby Starlet’ and a man passionate about his windling!

A desirable outpost, a stunning windjammer. North Carolina oyster sharpies and Harban’s most exclusive little yacht klub

Shenandoah, scene stealer at the Italy Rolex Rally, a Sea Thru Starlet, windling with Darth and the sailing now railroad-operating Lockley’s.

Micro Magic’s for instant pleasure, the `lost at sea’ boats mystery, a tall ship Lady Love and… the schooners keep coming…

Just a plain old coastal working girl, colourful boats, and fun `sindickit(ing)’ for that cup!

Schooners, a biggie Starlet, Durgan `dogs’, fellows of fun and a Maroochydore flyer!

Blake’s Seamaster, Straddle Bug(ing), a Champion of yachts large and small and the dreary port of Surrender!

Of model shipwrights and just sailors of model yachts, and sometimes the twain doth meet!

Many Britannia’s, multi-hulling, a schooner called Trinovante and a writer still voyaging on the `sea of time’.

Nev’s Ann Louise tames a big sea, the enviable Southwold family regatta, Summer Winers and photos `up close, low and personal!’

Misfortune for Resolution, a Tortola sloop, bugs and ducks, and 'One for the ready Two for the Go!'

A kind of model Bluenose encounter, Ron Scobie marine artist, some funning, and that lady legend of a yacht, Ragtime!

Swirly World, some place sometime long ago, a schooner called Martha and the model boats of Andreas Gondesen

Of sharp looking sharpies, a ketch called Flamingo, and grown men who walked around an island racing model yachts for a twenty buck bucket!

Of a harbour safe and gentle, an 1895 brig, the young Fijian sailors of the island of Dromuna

The model yachtsmen of Wick, Bowdoin the polar expedition schooner, a modest wall-banger and a 'no blah blah’s of Dum’ rounding!

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