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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

I've got a web page up for this year's Cardboard Boat race at Tempe Town
Lake, AZ. 109 boats entered this year, my girl scout troop took home 3rd place in the youth division, and I was able to get 2nd place in the mechanical driven class with my paddle wheeler....

... and here are some videos I took at Magnolia Beach.


Howdy Chuck,

I think a few people have found the hollow mast for the OZ PDRacer a bit scary. So there is a new mast for those who are time poor. If a person already has the Oz PDRacer plans this page explains what to do.

Michael Storer

Guy Capra sent me a link to this French website. I don't have a clue what it is talking about but it does have this interesting video of a fellow sculling a small boat.

I just uploaded another video of where I am up to with my XCR build. Hope you enjoy it.

Charles Jenkinson

PS  Wish I was Texas200'ing it, but we decided to have a baby instead, ...seriously.

I've been getting quite a few requests for info, so I put together a simple website. I added a page of specifications that tell you just about everything about the boat.

I'd appreciate any criticisms and/or suggestions for making the site more helpful.


The inaugural Texas 200 was successful by all accounts. It may be the best documented small boat event ever held with litterally thousands of photos taken and hours of video. Links to everything I know about are HERE.


I really wanted to be at the Texas 200 but my world kept me home this year. Here is a video of rolling over the boat I was going to use. It happened on june 7th before the 200....

... you can see more of the work if you want HERE.


Bosch is coming out with a new jig saw blade that boat builders may be interested in.

Usual disclaimers, no affiliation, etc.

Gene Lueg


Guess you may have seen this. The video of Resolution smashing on the rocks is pretty awful.


Hi Chuck

I have been inspired by your success over the years, and have started a web site which may interest a few of your readers. If you would like to put a link on your site to this, I will in return link to you.

All the very best, Michael Birch


The new video on forming gudgeon's for a double ended boat should be up and running at youtube when you get this message.


Warren now has 14 other videos on boat building. This is your chance to get free advice from an experienced builder.

Following Bill Serjeant's amazing exploits in his Paradox, we're now being entertained by Dylan Winter's 'Keep Turning Left'.

I've met Dylan - he's a great friend of my pal Jim, who built a couple of my canoes.

Gavin Atkin

I saw something today in the yachting press which indicates what I've been expecting for a long time - that the modern single hull broadbeamed planing powerboat is going to become a relic in short order. Brunswick gears down...

... I also saw something pretty fascinating here, although WIG ground effect vehicles have been with us for a while. I dont know how happy this one would be out in some steep swells.

Jeff Gilbert

Glen-L newsletter #102 is out. Lots of good stuff as always.

I love this clip.


The July/August 2008 issue of Classic Yacht is waiting for you

This link is to a web gallery of Skipjack images originally created for exhibit in The Reedville Fishermen's Museum on the Chesapeake Bay and later in a gallery in Fort Lauderdale Florida. 

Bill Peterson

Hello Chuck and Sandra. I am happy to tell you that yesterday we launched our RB42, "Esperanza" . Here is a link for the pics...

... and video.

Thanks so much for your great service and website that made it possible.

Best Regards


I've recently made a second folded boat which you may be interested in. Here is a "film" showing the details.

A boat was made of 6mm plywood joined with rope-hangings. The hull is dressed in a strong PCV sock ;)

Regards, Jakub Jewula, Poland

For those interested there is a design competition being put up by Professional Boatbuilder magazine. The official source of information for this contest is the
Professional Boatbuilder website....

... and if you'd like to help and/or contribute to a new design we might enter in this contest, I've created a forum thread so we can collaborate on the design work.

Ken Grome

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