Ulua Update  
By Dan St. Gean - Chicago, Illinois - USA

These photos are from the second season of using the Ulua hull I built and brings the article I wrote for Duckworks a while back to completion. I started with the canoe as a tri, and decided that it was lacking freeboard. Rather than give it additional freeboard and adding even more weight, I went the other way and decided to go with a new rig and a single outrigger. The rig is Gary Dierking's stub mast rig to allow additional luff length on a standard windsurfer spar. As it happened my original sail worked great with this combo at the first reef position. I used cord to tie it to the spar and a standard windsurfing end cap to tie the main to the top of the mast with webbing. An added bonus of the tacking outrigger is that it paddles great now! The sailing was a blast this summer, and I named her Anhinga after the shoreside swimming bird often seen in South Florida.