stephan williams 18 Jan 06 17:59

You've written a lovely story here, Kellan. Thanks

Gavin Atkin 18 Jan 06 06:34

Great idea Chuck and Sandra! Go for it! The only thing I'd suggest changing from Kellan's plans is the freeboard: I'd make the boat sit-on rather than sit-in largely because it must make the little boat lighter and less awkward to carry. If the principle that the smaller the boat the more it gets used is correct, then a sailer you can carry under your arm has got to be a winner... It's only the mildest suggestion though: there's a lot that's great about Kellan's version. The idea of a balanced lug on a mast attached to the forward frame is particularly good (it's simple and stron), even if it does imply a solid boom. Gav

Kellan 17 Jan 06 21:53

Thanks everyone for the comments. Yes Dan, I still have a great time with the Mill Creek Trimaran and Mirage drive. I can't wait to challenge you to a Mouse race, Chuck!

Chuck 17 Jan 06 20:42

Well, Gavin, judging by what Sandra said, I guess I may be building a mouse after all. If I do, I will make it like one of Kellans. These things are darn near perfect.

Sandra Leinweber 17 Jan 06 19:32

Love your work, Kellan (boats and words). I could kick myself for not trying out one of the Mice at Powell. Maybe next year I will get another chance. Sandra

Dan 17 Jan 06 08:31

Great stuff Kellan! Does your little Mirage tri get much use anymore?

Dan Rosencrance 17 Jan 06 08:11

Kellan, I think you've done so much more for your sons than you realize just now. As we relate to our adult children (4 daughters) many of the fond memories of their childhood are the things I saw as small, silly stuff. Squirt gun battles and night-time hide and seek with Dad, small, silly stuff. The important things were never about objects, but rather, time together. Your boats and the time building and sailing will live forever. Well Done!

Tyson 17 Jan 06 07:04

Great article....great boats...hope your boys realize how fortunate they are to have a Dad like you..

Tom Hamernik 17 Jan 06 05:54

Wonderful construction details!

Gavin Atkin 17 Jan 06 03:08

Fabulous story Kellan - I particularly like the pic of CTD himself! So are you going to build one of your own Chuck? Gav