A Jumbo Trip to Lake Powell
By: Kevin Beddoe - Carlsbad, California - USA
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The Chula Rodhog

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My wife and I decided to take our first foray into fresh water boating by trailering our new Tolman Jumbo to Lake Powell. (Click HERE for more about Kevin's new boat, and HERE for his old one-Ed)

We launched out of the Wahweep Marina and headed up the lake for seven days of exploration and relaxation.

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This lake is over 160 miles long and although we only covered about half of its length, we ended up doing 430 total miles of exploring. We spent time going up the San Juan and the Escalante tributaries along with the many canyons and coves found there and along the main lake.

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This place is incredible! The scenery is spectacular and you can absolutely get lost in the solitude that the many canyons provide.

Our favorite was Anasazi Canyon where we found ourselves weaving through a water maze that at times was so narrow that we pushed ourselves along using the sides of the canyon wall.

Water depth was still 60ft!

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One of the highlights of the trip was climbing up the side of a 300 foot cliff to visit the Anasazi ruins on the Escalante River. This was an adventure in itself and not for the “heights challenged” faint of heart….but it provided for some amazing scenery.

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some amazing scenery

We weren’t quite sure what to expect spending seven days on a 24ft boat, but we were pleasantly surprised just how comfortable we were. We ate, slept and hung out on the boat, only going ashore to let our Daschund Wahoo do his thing.

Wahoo delivery vehicle

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If you ever get the opportunity, visit this magical place and spend a week exploring one of our country’s great treasures. You will never forget it.

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The End

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