Solo 12
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Design by Chris Ostlind- Salt Lake City, Utah - USA

Over the weekend, I developed a new, personal trimaran for small adults and kids called the Solo12. This is a car toppable boat that is meant to sail with no facility for human power other than hauling out the spare canoe paddle and getting with it.

The total displacement is 300 lbs. all-up and should tip the scales at about 130 lbs. before getting wet. So, there's room to wiggle for a wiry dude who wants to tool around in quiet waters and have a blast in a semi-reclining position. Steering is via a pair of pedals and cables to the rudder cheek block, much like a kayak and all the sail controls are fed forward so there's no need to hike out at all.

The sail area is 56 sq ft. The amas are generously sized to avoid getting out of the cockpit except to hang-out on the beach with friends and have some lunch. I'm looking to have no centerboard, having the underwater fins of the amas provide the lateral resistance, but testing will reveal that reality. I can always add the centerboard later and put it between the driver's legs.

The aka tubes are aircraft aluminum and will be segmented with the same spring pins you see on take-a-part paddles, so that the amas will reconnect right up next to the main hull for transport and storage. A very compact unit for putting on the roof of your car and going off to the beach or lake for some fun.

The build is 3mm marine ply with a full layer of glass outside and taped joints inside. Easy to build, easy to move around the launch site and perfect for learning to sail with little kids as they can sit between your legs and learn how things work. Later, the same kids can take the boat out on their own and there will be no fear of them tipping over unless a tornado hits the area.

Soon, there will be a companion model at 14' LOA for slightly larger sailors, all within the car-topping attitude that this boat represents.

Plans , or full sized templates, are available now for $90.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design

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