Bob Cornwell 30 Jan 06 19:13

It is gratifying to see the ballanced lug make real inroads with the small boat sailing community. It has always perplexed me that manufacturers of 'trailerable' boats have stuck with the tall sloop rig. The mast is too tall and, except for real small sizes, difficult to raise alone. The idea that the ballanced lug needs no boom vangs or out hauls and is probably older than dirt, adds to its appeal.

Dane 11 Jan 06 08:20

When talking of simple rigs nobody mentions the lateen. IMHO that is as simple as it gets, one moving part and two ropes, short main mast, points into the wind well. comes down in seconds.

Tyson 10 Jan 06 06:58

Amen, have hit the nail on the head ! There is a law of inverse proportions ( or something like that) when it comes to the size and complexity of a boat and the amount of fun one has with it...smaller the boat, simnpler the rig, the more you'll use it...the more you use it, the more fun you'll have !!! Keep it Simple and Enjoy It !

hoz 09 Jan 06 17:29

A big YES to simple rigs. As a sailing canoe afficinado I like to keep it simple and my balanced lug does it for me, easy to spread full canvas, and also quick reefing if need be. Sure, I sometimes get anxious when I see the sloops pointing higher than me, but then I don't have thousands of dollars in my habit.

Errol Smith 09 Jan 06 02:46

Ross, you have shifted to Esk {in Queensland by the way}but by the level of the dam you'll have to come back to Wynnum to sail.

Ron Bennett 09 Jan 06 00:14

Roger on the simple rigs Ross! ...and we could stand more of this style of writing from you.