First Summer Breeze from Poland
by Arek Pawlik


Sorry, but my english is bad. I come from Poland (eastern Europe).

Thanks to David Beede for free documentation of "Summer Breeze".

We built this boat with my brother last year. This Spring we added the sail.

Here some statistics:

Glue: epoxy;
Mast, boom, yard: aluminium;
Sail: balanced lug sail 50 sq ft - for "dummies" ;-)
PFD's: own "production";

Biggest problems: cutting stem with handsaw, reduction data on metric system (1 in=2,54 cm, 1 ft = 0,3048 m);

Observations: Boat sails sharply against the wind. I ask only a foot of water under the keel!

Arek & Piotr Pawlik

Our "Shipyard" - like start of "Apple Computers" ;-)