Hi Chuck
I built my Navigator "Meniscus" about four years ago. It started life with a second hand spruce mast, I think from a 505, which I didn't have the heart to cut up to produce a yawl, and a second hand Moth sail (hence the HI). But the
performance and ease was so good, I stuck with the sloop rig. There are sometimes some quite strong views on yawl or sloop rig - there are swings and roundabouts to all the different rigs, and what's important is that builders know what the advantages disadvantages are of each and sail

I've now got a newer main, (but don't have decent photos) and have actually built two new masts, one is from Oregon but is heavy and the second almost complete a birdsmouth hollow spar from Kahikatea which is about 15 lbs.

I keep toying with the idea of producing an article for Duckworks, I'll get round to it some time.

Nigel McCarter

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