Navigator Motor Mount

Here are some photos of the motor mount on my Navigator. I took them yesterday while enjoying a superb day on the Hauraki gulf.

The mount bolts onto the transom using three bolts with a piece of 20 mm timber on the inside as a reinforcer. As you'll see, I run a four-stroke, two-horse Honda and the mount is more than adequate for this. The close up should give you a reasonable idea of the construction which is from scraps of 9 mm ply, some doubled with largish wings up and down to provide stability, and a piece of 40 m kwila across the back to bolt onto.

The "in use" photo (below) shows accessibility when sailing, and when you do need it, the four-stroke quietness tucked out back makes for minimal intrusion.

I tossed in the lunchtime shot (below) just to encourage any potential builders being seduced by the newly arrived bigger sister to the navigator - I'm still throughly captivated by mine, and was reminded yesterday of the dicussion about smoothing out the chines - they do make a beautiful noise when pushing through smooth water at about five knots! - a friend's round-chine glass boat of similar style is deathly silent by comparison...

John Leathwick