Two letters from Mak

Dear Sir,

Hi, My name is Mak. I am an r/c model boat fan from Hong Kong. I have browsed you website recently. It is quite interesting.

I have a webpage for my latest model boat building project. It is an r/c kayak, which steers without a rudder, she can turn to any direction with it's paddle. She is much more realistic than the one that uses a rudder.

Have fun, pls comment.

Keep in touch.

Yours sincerely,
Mak, Sui-Shing
Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Chuck Leinweber,

the attached file shows a r/c dinghy. during her first tiral in the pool, there are something needed to be improved before the next test, such as the pair of the oars need two inches longer, to make her more effective during rowing.

the dinghy is built for three purposes, as a rowing dinghy, as a sailing yacht and also a patrol boat. a mast seat have been installed on the hull already. the mast is round 32 inches in height.

there are more photos for the rowing dinghy in my website.

happy chinese new year, the year of the monkey. :-)

best wishes, see u

mak, sui-shing