Long and Short

Hi Chuck,

Attached are some current pics showing the long and short of solo canoeing (more or less). The long is Colin's solo safari canoe, 22'-4" LOA, the short is my new EasyB 11'-8" LOA. Colin and I had talked about designing a new boat for him last year when his wife Julie ordered the plans as a surprise birthday present. My first and probably only commission used as a present. As pictured now the outer skin, Kevlar, S-Glass and a touch of carbon is complete and ready for a layer of Kevlar/Carbon inside. The core is 9mm klegecell. The hull currently weighs 20 pounds and should finish out at 24-26 pounds, not bad for a 22 foot plus boat that will be pretty bullet proof.

Colin's solo safari canoe


The pictures of EasyB show the frames set up but my little web cam dropped out for some reason and didn't get the sequence of frames popping up, same thing happened building the Bionic Log. Think I'll unscrew the frames this time and put em back on again to get that sequence on video.


The second picture shows how little errors accumulate and the second frame is a little off center, subsequently corrected.

a little off center

Its still pretty cold right now so I'm not doing much work on the boat. Plus Julie and Colin have talked me into dusting off Miss Lavi and paddling in the Ruta Maya this March. They didn't have to talk a lot but now I've got to get in good enough shape to paddle the 170 miles with them.

Skip Johnson