Attached are three new photos from my AF4G project.

I have spent about 50 hours so far. I am planning to complete the epoxy and glassing by the beginning of December. We have had generally nicer and a bit warmer weather so I have had a chance get hull epoxy coated before the winter sets in.

I would recommend buying the fibreglass tape instead of cutting strips from a larger piece. I have had to pick out glass threads that have unravelled as I was spreading the epoxy. I am using the Raka 5oz glass. I ordered 10 yards at 70" wide. I am cutting 2" and 4" strips for the chine logs and other joints.

I am using the 'Payson' joints of the bottom panels. I screwed a temporary butt block to the inside of the bottom panels with some plastic to keep the epoxy from glueing the block. I then epoxyed a 4" strip of glass over the joints, then a second 2" wide strip. Once these layers are dry I unscrew the butt blocks and they fall away under the boat. I then filled the screw holes with (belt sander dust) thickened exoxy.

Also the bow got two layers of glass and the chine logs 1 layer. Then I cut a piece of 5oz glass to cover from the stem to the first joint and epoxied this down. Next I cut a piece to cover from this joint to the next joint down the boat. This then gives four layers of glass at each butt joint.

When I flip the boat back over I will file the inside seams thickened epoxy and the bottom butt joints will receive a couple layers of glass and epoxy.

The four layer glass idea was from Pat Patteson.


Eric Schadow
Schenectady NY