2nd Annual Duckworks Messabout
May 22, 2004 - Magnolia Beach, Texas


For those of you who live in the South Texas area, or who don't mind traveling a bit, we are announcing our second annual messabout. We have chosen a location that we feel is ideal for this type of event. We found out about it from our friends Charlie and Laura who came to last year's messabout.

Magnolia Beach is a small community on Matagorda Bay just southeast of Port Lavaca Texas. There is a county park near the community which is not well known, but is clean and pleasant and perfect for a messabout. Camping is allowed as are bonfires (imagine that!)

The picture above was taken on a recent trip to the area to scout it for the messabout. There is a long row of blue pavilions with picnic tables and grills. There is also a decent toilet. The beach is crushed shell which is cleaner than sand and doesn't stick to your feet as badly.

The beach is perfect for sailing - it drops off to an average depth of four feet or so in the first bit. The wind is usually blowing directly across the beach for broad reaching out and back in again. There are some islands in the bay to explore and lots of room to sail or paddle. There is also an excellent ramp for trailer boats. No fee is charged.

These things are normally pretty unstructured, but this year we will be including a Puddle Duck Race or two. I'll have mine there, and there might be a few more too. For more information about this boat, see the website: It took me about two days to make mine, so there is plenty of time for you to make one too.

Bring plenty of water, bring a lunch, bring some sunscreen, and bring your boat if you have one. We will bring our Ladybug, and a couple of kayaks. Saturday night we will have a pot luck dinner. We will be camping overnight Saturday and going home on Sunday.

For those of you who want GPS coordinates:

28.55966 North
96.53672 West

We hope to see you there.

Chuck and Sandra Leinweber