Bruce Hector sets the record

On September 6th, 2003, a 95 foot modular sharpie sailed for the first time at the Kingston messabout.

Bruce Hector, organizer of the event and captain of the TIMS unit beamed from ear to ear.

Several of the units were built at the last minute. Here, Frank San Miguel & son caulk seams....

...and Chris Bullen works on his while two completed units wait patiently in the background.

Finally, the last few units were launched...

...into the drink...

...and added to the record breaking effort.

Elaine Hector casts off the bow line in preparation for the maiden voyage. (notice that Elaine is not aboard)

Captain Bruce carefully backs away from the dock...

...and sails into the record book.

Flags flying, TIMS savors her accomplishment.