Skin on Frame


At the recent Kingston messabout, we met Richard Frye for the first time, and he introduced us to his Skin on Frame boat. Sandra got in the boat, and disappeared across the lake. We did not know if she would ever come back.

She was so impressed with that little boat, she was willing to build one herself. After consulting with Richard, she got the plans (from Leo Monsen's website), bought some lumber, canvas, and paint, and began the process.

She used Western Red Cedar for the bulkheads with Luan scraps for gussets. The Yellow Pine ribands from her lapstrake canoe made good strong longitudinals.

The whole thing is looking like 30 pounds finished weight, so we are pretty happy with that. Next time, we want to use D Fir for the stringers and make the bulkheads lighter to see just how light we can get one.