PK-20 details


PK-20 details

Here are some detailed pictures of our little folding table for
the PK-20 cockpit. The 12" Table supports are available from Rockler Hardware. You can probably find the same type in a good, Real hardware store. They Are just stamped steel, so will probably rust over time, but they are pretty cheap if replacement is needed. They sure beat any wooden supports I have tried to make. If you do find the hardware. Make sure you get the supports that have the little plastic finger holds for pulling them down. The original versions and maybe some others do not have those and
when the support extends it would literally take a Bite out of your finger where the parts fold together. Ouch. Blood.

I think the pics are pretty self-explanatory. I built mine large enough to store a little one burner butane stove under/behind it. And the case when the stove is in use. If you plan storage behind, make sure to take into account that the supports have to fold into the "Under" too and you have to allow room for them Plus whatever else you plan to store there. (Sound like I figure that out the hard way? The stove just fits, but not the way I had planned.)

When the table is down there is still a small table left for little things but the big table is pretty much out of the way.

I used a fancy "Rule Joint" that I use in building drop leaf tables, but a simple butt joint would be fine. The Rule Joint might help keep a little rain from getting behind the table, but it just Looks Cool.

I have mine attached with screws thought the 1/4" sides and into the Wales and chines. Those "Wales" have really come in handy when I need to screw something to the inside of the boat.

I've included a couple of pictures I took yesterday of my new electrical switch box. You are the first to see it. I bought a Commercial Marine Switch plate with breakers. It was cheaper than the sum of all the switches and fuses I would have had to buy separately and Looks professional.

$39 for a 6 illuminated switch plated with breakers. The interior of the box is still in the works but the whole face of the wooden box I built folds out for easy access to the innards. Old Piano hinge cutoff I had and a cute little push to open latch. It locks pretty tight when closed, but just a push and the whole thing opens up.

I hope Kay doesn't push it in the middle of the night and have it come down on her head.

I've got a big Marine battery in the Starboard side aft compartment, right next to the motor as the staring battery. I've run #6 wire through Real Plastic Electrical conduit under the cockpit combing to the main cabin bulkhead and switch box there.

I've used CPVC for "Conduit" to the running lights at the bow. You can just see the CPVC by the toilet in the interior slot top cover pictures. The aft, white nav light will just be switched right at the battery. I've got 6 switches, but so far am only using one, for the running lights. But, I'm sure I'll use them all.

I found an AA battery powered self contained push to turn on light intended for closet use. I bought a bunch of rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries and the little battery
powered light is a lot easier to install than a wired in light, and it won't ever run down my starting battery. It gives most of the light we need in the cabin and we have rechargeable flashlights and an LED "Head Light" for any detailed stuff.

The White running/anchor light gives cockpit light, but we have been using a bug resistant candle light for "Mood Lighting" and eating dinner. Nice soft light and no bugs.

Most everything seems to be working pretty well. It's getting pretty comfy, but still a work in progress.

Email me if you need more info.

"Bon Appetit"

Pat Patteson